If the application is not completed online with the VA Driver's License #, please print forms and sign them before mailing or faxing to our office. (Note that first time registrants in Virginia cannot submit registration forms by fax, only in person, online, or by mail.)

Office of Elections
9250 Lee Ave Suite 1,  Manassas VA  20110-5554

Phone: 703-792-6470
Fax: 703-792-6461    Fax for Absentee Applications: 703-792-4973

email us at: PWCVote@pwcgov.org or AbsenteeVoting@pwcgov.org

Voter Forms:

000941 pic.jpg

Virginia Voter Registration Application (fillable pdf)
     OR register online at www.vote.virginia.gov (use VA Driver's License number at the online prompt)

Virginia Absentee Ballot Application (fillable pdf)
     Link to Absentee Application on Department of Elections site 

Federal Post Card Application (to print)

Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot Application (to print)

Registration Cancellation Form (to print)
      Department of Elections Cancellation Page

Report of Death of Registered Voter (to print) 

Voter Grievance Online Form


Election Officer Volunteer Application: 

Election Officer Application (to complete & submit online)
     Election Officer Application (to print)


Candidate Forms:

     Candidate Declaration of Candidacy Filing Forms
     Candidate Bulletins 
     Campaign Finance Disclosure Forms


Virginia Guidance Documents​