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Office of Elections
A Day at the Polls


What is it like to work on Election Day?


Arrive at 5 a.m. Election Officers arrive, are sworn in, and sign the Oath Form.
  • Set up the voting area including: 
    • Arrange tables and chairs.
    • Set up tables with Electronic Pollbooks, various forms, and other election materials.
    • Place and set up Verity Scan and TouchWriter voting equipment.
    • All officers together must verify the number of official Paper Ballots received.
  • Verify Ballot Bag is empty, then lock it with a plastic locking-tie; place Ballot Bag in a conspicuous place.
  • Post all required signs inside and outside. Be sure to post Sample Ballot signs in conspicuous places.
  • Post Disabled/Elderly Entrance, Directional, and Parking signs conspicuously, where needed.
  • ID requirements have changed effective July 1, 2014 for Virginia elections (ID Requirements-VA).   
Set up Verity Voting Machines:
  • Verify that Lifetime and Ballot Counter Numbers from all machines are accurately logged onto the SORs and the No. 7 Envelope.
  • Print, sign (by all officers), and post your Zero Tapes side-by-side on conspicuous wall near the voting machines.
Set up Electronic Pollbooks following instructions.
Polling Place must be set up and ready to open at 6 a.m.
6 a.m. Polls Open.


Each polling place has at least three Election Officers. Duties may be rotated as the Chief determines. Some elections may not require Activator Cards; some will require more Officers.

Pollbook Officer duties include:

• Check identification to verify voters.
• Check-In each voter on the Electronic Pollbook.
• Hand voters a voting permit and direct them to the next station.

[Ballot Officer duties include:] (Not available - updating)

Voting Machine Officer duties include:  

• Demonstrate voting machine operations as needed.
• Assist voters with “Request for Assistance” forms.
• Show voters how to feed their ballots into the Verity Scan and issue “I Voted” stickers.
• Clean and calibrate Scan and Touchwriter machines periodically.

7 p.m. Polls Close.

Doors are locked; all voters in line at 7 p.m. are allowed to vote. 

When all voters have cast their ballots, begin end-of-day processing:

• Check Electronic Pollbook numbers; record on Statement Of Result; close Electronic Pollbooks.
• Officers close all voting machines and sign the machine Results Tapes.
• Cut plastic locking tie on Ballot Bag.
• Remove any Provisional Ballots (in green envelopes) from the Ballot Bag and place in Env # 1A. DO NOT COUNT THESE.
• Remove and count votes on other Paper Ballots, if any. Record these votes onto “Paper Ballot Work Sheet.”
• Remove posted signs from inside and outside polling area.
• Discard one-time use (taped on) paper signs.
• DO NOT discard laminated signs. Remove tape and pack as directed.
• Give Chief Officer the posted Zero Tapes from the voting machines.


• Assist with the filling out and verification of both copies (total votes cast for all candidates/questions on machines and paper).
• All Officers must sign both copies of Statement of Results after both copies have been completed by separate teams, the figures totaled, and both copies agree.
• Assist with collection of election materials and packing of contents into Official Return Envelopes (nos. 1A-10), and packing of other supplies.
• Complete, Sign, and Seal all Official Return Envelopes.


Leave the Polling Place as clean as you found it.


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