Prince William County is divided into seven Election Districts and each Election District is divided into precincts. For precinct information click on the Election District name below. Maps of the Election Districts and the precincts are available at the GIS Election Map Products page.
The districts and precincts below are based on the 2014 RePrecincting, which the Board of County Supervisors approved on March 11, 2014 and the 2010 Census, which the Department of Justice approved on June 9, 2011. You can check on-line at the State Board's Public VERIS site to find out if you are registered to vote. Choose 'Prince William County' as your locality then enter the requested information. You can find precinct and district information for a particular address in Prince William County by using the GIS QuickInfo! link.  There may be a discrepancy between the State Board's Public VERIS site and the Prince William County GIS QuickInfo while the State Board's Public VERIS database is updated to reflect the 2014 RePrecincting changes.  Please click here to view the 2014 PWC Precinct Map Book