Registered voters who will be away from Prince William County on Election Day, or who are unable to go to the polls because of illness or disability, may vote by absentee ballot through mail or In-Person.
For additional information on Absentee Voting for Military and Civilians Overseas, click here.

For permanent disability or illness information,  click here.



 Absentee Voting Requirements

  • Who is eligible to vote absentee?
      1. Students and their spouses residing out of the County.

      2. Those temporarily confined.

      3. Those with a religious obligation.

      4. Those absent from the County on business or vacation.

      5. First Responders.

      6. Those working and commuting to and from home for 11 or more hours between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.

      7. Active duty military their spouses and dependents.

      8. Electoral board members registrars and election officers.

      9. An U.S. citizen temporarily residing outside the United States.

      10. An U.S. citizen overseas by virtue of employment or accompanying spouse or dependents.

      11. Those with a physical disability or illness including pregnancy.

      12. Those who are the primary caretaker of a confined family member.

      13. Designated representative of candidate or party working inside polls.

  • How do I vote Absentee In-Person?
    • In-person absentee voting normally begins 45 days prior to an election, during normal business hours at the two permanent locations listed below.  Dates, times and locations for in-person absentee voting in PWC are published in advance.   

      • PWC Office of Elections:
      • 9250 Lee Avenue Suite 1, Manassas, VA 20110
      • Voter Registration Office (inside Department of Motor Vehicles):
      • 2731 Caton Hill Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192
      When you go to vote In-Person you will complete the Absentee Ballot application form, provide an appropriate ID (see VA Voter ID Requirements), and vote as you would on Election Day.

  • How do I vote Absentee by Mail?
    • To request an Absentee Ballot be mailed to you, print the Absentee Ballot Application, fill it out, and mail it to PWC Office of Elections 9250 Lee Avenue, Suite 1 Manassas, VA 20110 or fax it to (703) 792-6461.  You may also contact us via email at AbsenteeVoting@pwcgov.orgThe Code of Virginia, § Section 24.2-703 requires the registered voter’s signature to process an absentee ballot request:  

      Unless the applicant is disabled, all applications for absentee ballots shall be signed by the applicant who shall state, subject to felony penalties for making false statements pursuant to § 24.2-1016, that to the best of his knowledge and belief the facts contained in the application are true and correct and that he has not and will not vote in the election at any other place in Virginia or in any other state.

      The forms cannot be submitted online (because a signature is required), but a completed and signed form may be scanned and sent electronically via email at AbsenteeVoting@pwcgov.orgAbsentee ballot applications are also available at County government centers and libraries.  The deadline to request an Absentee Ballot by mail is 5 p.m. on the Tuesday before Election Day.

  • When will I get my ballot?
    • Ballots are mailed starting 45 days before each election as soon as ballots are available.

      Submit applications any time after the previous General Election, for the following year.
      Once ballots are ready, applications received are processed and mailed within three business days
      Please send your application early enough to allow mail transit time for the ballot
      Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted
      The last day ballots can be requested for mailing is the Tuesday preceding Election Day.

  • Is my mailed ballot counted?
    • All absentee ballots, those sent by mail and those cast in-person, are counted on Election Day

      Follow marking instructions on your ballot; return in envelopes provided; fill in ALL of Envelope B

      Anyone over 18, including your spouse, family member or neighbor, may serve as your witness

      If you choose to return your ballot in person rather than mailing it, remember that only the voter can hand-deliver his or her ballot to the Registrar's office; an ID is required.

  • How do I return my ballot?
    • ​Ballots must be returned by mail, U. S. Postal Service or commercial delivery OR if returned in person, only the individual voter may return the ballot.  The individual voter must return his/her ballot by the published deadline.


      Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted.




Contact Us

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Manassas, VA  20110-5554
Phone:  703-792-6470
Fax:  703-792-6461
Absentee Fax:  703-792-4973

If you still have unanswered questions or comments on the information provided here contact us.  You should receive a response within 2 business days; however if you do not hear from us in a timely manner (particularly close to Election Day) please call the office.