For questions regarding when to register, how to register, and where to register, please consult the Voter Registration Requirements Page. 
Who is eligible to register to vote?  You must satisfy all of the requirements below:
  • A citizen of the United States
  • At least 18 years of age by the next general election (the November election)
  • A resident of Virginia
  • Voting rights restored if you have ever been convicted of a felony or been judged mentally incapacitated
  • If you register to vote in person at our office and you sign the application in front of a registrar, you do not need to show an ID
  • Under a federal law, if you register in Virginia by mail (the first time) you need to include either
    • (1) a copy of your current and valid photo identification, or
    • (2) a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address
    • Otherwise you may be required to show election officials either (1) or (2) above the first time you vote in a federal election
PLEASE NOTE: Virginia law requires that those who register by mail, rather than in person, must vote in person the first time they vote in a federal electionVoters exempt from the in person requirement include military service members and dependents, overseas citizens, full-time students voting absentee, and disabled voters.
Starting July 1, 2014, all voters are required to show a valid photo identification to vote. 
  • If you believe you are registered to vote in Virginia, you can verify your voter registration status online
  • When you choose the “Voter Registration” option, you must enter your information as it appears in the registration system or no record will be found. Choose 'Prince William County' as your locality
  • If your information is not available online but you believe you are registered, please call our office at 703-792-6470 for assistance.
  • If in doubt, register online or download the Virginia Voter Registration Application, complete, and mail
How do I change my voter registration information?   OR I moved and didn’t change my voter registration. Will I still be able to vote?
To remain a qualified registered voter, the law requires you to notify your local voter registration office of any change in your name or address (notice must be signed to be valid)
  • Deadline for updates to voter registration information occurs 21 days prior to an election (books closed) 
  • You may submit the change online (use VA DMV Drivers License #)
  • Complete a new Virginia Voter Registration Application (same form to register/update registration)
  • Complete the change of address form on the back of your Voter Card
  • Send a letter with your new information (only if you are currently a registered voter in Virginia; check your registration status online).  If a Virginia registered voter submits a letter, it must include:
    • Full legal name (if this is a change of name, include old and new names) 
    • New residence address 
    • Birth date or last four digits of your Social security number 
    • Previous registration address 
    • Your signature and the date
  • If the books are closed and you are registered at a different address in Virginia, please call our office at 703-792-6470 to learn if you are still eligible to vote in the upcoming election. The rules about eligibility after moving can be quite complicated and are determined on an individual basis for each election.
  • If you are an overseas citizen, military personnel, or dependent of military personnel, you may register to vote in Virginia if your current or last U.S. residence was in Virginia
  • To register, use either the Federal Post Card Application or a Virginia Voter Registration Form. For more information about military registrations see our page on Absentee Voting, the State Board of Elections Website, or visit FVAP (the Federal Voting Assistance Program).
  • Seventeen-year-olds may register to vote as long as they will be 18 before the next General Election
  • These voters are also eligible to vote in Primaries associated with the General Election (e.g., if your birthday is Nov. 1, you can register in April and vote in the June Primary and the November Election
  • General Elections are normally the November Elections; however, Town Elections are also General Elections, so Town residents must turn 18 before the next Town Election (May of even-numbered years), or wait until after the Town Election to register, which still allows them to vote in the June Primary
  • Citizens who have been convicted of a felony can petition the Governor to restore voting rights
  • This process can take as long as six months to complete: Visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s page on Restoration of Rights, or call the Restoration of Rights Division at 1-855-575-9177
  • Once your rights have been restored you can register to vote--you must annotate the date that voting rights were restored in Block 4 of the Virginia Voter Registration Application.

What about Party affiliation? How do I register by Party? 

Virginia is an open primary state which means that any qualified voter can vote in either Party's primary election. Citizens do not designate a political Party affiliation when registering to vote in Virginia Virginia election law stipulates that while any qualified voter may vote in either political party's primary election, a voter may vote in only one political party's primary on the same Election Day

Therefore, if both Parties hold their primaries on the same day, when you go to the polls you will have to state in which primary you would like to vote. This is not choosing a Party, but only choosing a primary in which to vote for that election. 

If I vote in a Party's Primary, will my voter registration records become affiliated with that Party?

  • No--Voting in any Party's Primary Election in Virginia does not affiliate the voter with either political party
  • The fact that you voted in the Party's primary becomes part of your voting history, but does not affiliate you with that Party nor does it hinder the voter's choices in future elections (primary or general)

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How do I cancel my voter registration in Prince William County?

You must submit a written notice including your signature to the Office of Elections in order to cancel your registration. Some states include a cancellation notice with their Voter Registration Application (as Virginia does) so that when you complete an application in another state that cancellation form is forwarded to the appropriate office for action. This process is not always successful.

To cancel your Virginia voter registration:
  • Complete the Registration Cancellation Form Or,
  • You can send us your Virginia Voter Card with an indication on the back that you want your registration canceled (or you can specify that you’ve moved out of state, for example) sign the card, date it, and mail
  • Or, you may write a letter that includes the following information:
    ◦ Full legal name
    ◦ Birth date or last four digits of your Social Security Number
    ◦ Registration address
    Your signature and the date
    ◦ and, the words “cancel my registration”
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