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Virginia Cooperative Extension

Stormwater Management

In conjunction with the Department of Public Works, Cooperative Extension's Environment and Natural Resources Stormwater Management Program educates businesses and non-profit organizations about appropriate best management practices for storm water run-off. 

Staff and Master Gardener Volunteers will work with the property owner to conduct a site visit for evaluation on common best management practices for stormwater management.  Call 703-792-7747 or e-mail for more information. 

Storm Water Smarts: 6 Ways to Protect Our Waterways!

All water that goes down your neighborhood storm drain flows directly into our local creeks streams rivers and eventually the Chesapeake Bay! 

  1. Limit your fertilizer and pesticide use.  Use the proper amount of fertilizer at the right time. Do not apply if rain is in the forecast. Sweep up any fertilizer from hard surfaces (driveway sidewalk street).  We do not  want fertilizer or pesticides to get washed into our storm drains. 
  2. Use a pooper scooper!  Viruses parasites and bacteria from pet waste can easily wash into storm drains and end up in our waterways without being treated.  You would not want to swim in water with this in it!
  3. Check your vehicles for fuel and oil leaks. When it rains grease and oil drippings from your car wash directly into the storm drain and go straight our waterways.
  4. Wash your car on the lawn or go to a car wash.  The water at a car wash goes to a water treatment plant.  Dirt and oils that you wash off your car can hurt fish and animals if it goes straight into the storm drain.  The grass and soil acts as natural filters capturing the material from you car.
  5. Pick up and properly dispose of leaves and grass clippings. Start a compost pile with yard waste.  Do not dispose of yard waste in gutters or streams.
  6. Dispose of any hazardous home chemicals and electronics at the Prince William County Landfill on Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Call 703-792-5750 for more information. 



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