Parenting At-Risk Youth

 Juvenile Justice Parenting Program (JJPP) 

iStock_000016649662XSmall.jpgThese classes are for parents of at-risk youth. Families may attend because their child has come to the attention of the court, is truant from school or is involved in activities that put him/her at risk of court involvement. Both parents and the youth participate in the program. 
While parents are exploring and strengthening their parenting skills, the youth address issues such as peer pressure, choice-making and anger management. Frequently both groups discuss specific risky behaviors such as drug use and sexual activity. 
If you feel you and your child should attend these classes, call 703-792-6288 or send an e-mail to discuss your possible participation in the program.   
Classes are held in two-hour sessions one night a week for eight weeks. They are offered throughout the County at various locations. The program fee is $40 for all families. The groups are led by instructors who have master's degrees and extensive experience working with at-risk youth and their families. Click here to print a Parent Education Registration Form or the JJPP Class Schedule. Registration is required prior to the class.  All fees must accompany the registration form.  Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.   
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