Financial Assessment: What is the state of your financial health? Meet with a financial counselor to get a free, confidential financial checkup to determine your net worth, cash flow and debt-to-income ratio. Take the first step toward effective money management. Find out where your money goes, plan for significant life changes, create a spending plan, manage your credit and learn how to reduce debt. Develop an action plan to achieve your financial goals.
To schedule an appointment for a Financial Assessment:
  • Download the Assessment Forms and the Instructions Give yourself one to two weeks to gather the data and complete the forms prior to your appointment.
  • Call 703-792-4765 to request an appointment.  Remember to ask that the forms and instructions be provided to you.
  • If you are unavailable on Thursday evenings, email or call 703-792-4765 to make alternate arrangements.
  • For directions to County buildings, click here  or call 703-792-5800
  • For a free credit report, you can go to once per year.  Your credit score will not be included with the free report.
  • You will be contacted with a reminder of the date and time of your assessment.

Please be considerate of the counselor and arrive a few minutes early to complete paperwork.  If you  are unable to attend, please call 703-792-4765 to cancel/reschedule.  Thank you!

Long-Term Counseling is available if you decide you need assistance with your goals. 
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Financial and Education Program
8033 Ashton Ave. Suite 105
Manassas VA 20109
703-792-6287 - e-mail
Virginia Cooperative Extension complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are a person with a disability and require auxiliary aids services or other accommodations for a workshop or meeting please discuss your accommodation needs at least five days prior to the event with Virginia Cooperative Extension 703-792-6289/TDD PC 1-800-828-1120