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Social Services
Juvenile Pre-Trial Supervision

Juvenile Pre-Trial Supervision is a program of intensive home supervision of adolescents who would otherwise be held in secure detention. The goals of the program are to ensure that the juvenile is available for Court and to prevent further delinquency pending final Court action. Depending upon the juvenile's needs and problems, a variety of services are offered including family counseling, crisis counseling, information and referral, transportation and recreation. For information on the Juvenile Pretrial Supervision Program, call 703-792-7500.

Molinari Juvenile Shelter

The Judge Patrick D. Molinari Juvenile Shelter provides a non-secure, residential alternative to secure detention. The facility also provides the Juvenile Court with a short-term, residential placement for youth charged with a status (non-delinquent) offense.  For information on the Molinari Shelter, please call 703-792-8261.

Juvenile Detention Center
The Juvenile Detention Center provides a physically restricting facility for the  short-term care of children apprehended for delinquency who require secure custody for their own protection or that of the community. The majority of children are held pending Court disposition or transfer to another jurisdiction or agency. A few children may be held  for as long as 30 days. All referrals come through the juvenile justice system.  For information on the Juvenile Detention Center, call 703-792-8300.


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