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Social Services
Homeless Intervention Program (HIP)

Homeless Intervention Program (HIP)

The Department of Social Services offers short-term rental and mortgage assistance to households experiencing an unforeseen financial crisis. The Homeless Intervention Program (HIP) is a state-funded program used to assist eligible households. Interest-free loans are provided for temporary rental, mortgage and security deposit payments for those who meet program criteria and have income at 80 percent of area median income or lower. This program is open to residents of Prince William County, Manassas City and Manassas Park.

Housing counseling is an important aspect of the HIP program. Participants in the program are required to create and complete self-sufficiency goals in order to facilitate long-term financial independence. Participants must work with a housing counselor during the assistance period. Together the counselor and participant will identify areas of need and develop a goal plan. Participants may be required to attend budgeting classes and credit counseling.

All mortgage assistance applicants must first contact Marjorie Leon at Virginia Cooperative Extension at 703-792-4713. For all mortgage loans given, Prince William County will place a lien against the property.


 Eligibility Criteria 

  • Applicants must be homeless or in imminent threat of homelessness. This must be verifiable by a five-day pay or quit notice, unlawful detainer notice letter from a shelter or 30-day notice from the mortgage company.
  • The family/individual must have an unavoidable crisis; for example an illness, lay-off from employment, loss of transportation to job, etc. The crisis must be temporary and not chronic. 
  • The family/individual must have been self-sufficient prior to the crisis and be able to maintain self-sufficiency after receiving the assistance. Self-sufficiency is defined as having a steady employment history, stable rental/mortgage history, etc. Self-sufficiency must be documented by providing payment history on bills. A credit report will also be requested prior to approval.
  • Applicants must have current verifiable income. Income levels must be at 80 percent of area median income or lower.
  • All other resources must be exhausted before assistance can be given. Participation in the HIP program is limited to once per lifetime.

If you believe you meet the criteria, prescreening by phone is the first step in applying for the program. Prescreening interviews are conducted on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 8 – 11 a.m. The number to call for prescreened is 703-792-7648.   The HIP Committee determines if the criteria are met and either an appointment is scheduled with a housing counselor or a denial letter is mailed.    

 For additional information review the attached brochure: Homeless Intervention Program (HIP) Brochure


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