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Social Services
At-Risk Youth & Family Services Rate Sheet

Prince William County Children's Services Act (CSA)

At-Risk Youth & Family Services (ARYFS) PROVIDER RATE LIST

For case workers only - For Foster Care and Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT)

CSA services are expected to be Least Restrictive Child-Centered and Family-Focused.


The rate sheets of human service providers who have agreements with the Prince William County At-Risk Youth and Family Services (ARYFS) Program are available from the link above. These rate sheets are applicable to only Prince William County ARYFS case managers and include explanations of each service offered.

Provider Rates List Instructions: For specific vendor service information, click on one of the red check boxes following the vendor's name in the chart.

Key service definitions:

  • Home-Based = this vendor has home-based outpatient and/or community-based services
  • Therapeutic Foster Care = primarily for foster care youth out-of-home services
  • Residential = this vendor provides out-of-home short-term to long-term service, such as treatment programs, assessment/diagnostics group home and/or independent living care for either mandated or non-mandated clients

FAPT approval is necessary for out-of-home placements and PWC school approval is necessary for children before every placement outside of PWC.

For additional information about costs, Medicaid eligibility admission criteria and family therapy involvement, call each vendor's admissions coordinator directly. For residential pre-placement education information, call 703-791-8025. For CSA Office assistance, call 703-792-7517 or 703-792-4087.

Helpful Note: To facilitate accurate service planning for your client's FAPT prep forms, revision forms and/or crisis forms, record the provider's FY10 service costs found on these pages when preparing your FAPT case in the new Harmony Web process. For special circumstantial services requests, call the CSA Office at 703-792-4087.

If you do not find what you are looking for call us at 703-792-4087 or 703-792-7517. We are here to help you help families.


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