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Trash & Recycling
Recycling in Prince William County

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Recycling is good for the economy, creates jobs, saves energy, reduces water and air pollution, and conserves landfill space. It is easy and something we can all do everyday!

Recycling is mandatory for residents and businesses in Prince William County.  The Residential Recycing Guide provides details about recycling options in Prince William County.

Private refuse hauling services provide recycling collection as part of their services to residents and businesses. You may hire your own service or work through your Home Owners Association or property management firm.  You may also bring your recycing to the Citizens Convience Center at the Landfill or Balls Ford Compost Facility. 


TeamSort:  Rules of the Game
Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice good habits and decision making to make recycling a success in our community.  Recycle all you can, buy items that can be recycled and buy products made with recycled material.  This ensures recycling works by collecting recyclables, turning them into new products and then buying those products!  We all score big when we recycle! 


Plastics Containers
1 through 7 narrow neck and wide mouth containers including soda, juice, milk, margarine/butter, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, buckets, plant pots, etc. Rinse out containers. Bottle caps may be replaced after rinsing. No hazardous materials (such as oil, flammable materials, chemicals, etc.).
Aluminum and steel food and beverage cans, empty aerosol cans and clean foil products and wrap
Empty and rinse out cans and do not include foil products with food residue.
Aseptic milk and juice cartons
Empty and rinse
Glass bottles and jars
Remove caps & rinse (not accepted: plate glass mirrors light bulbs ceramics cookware drinking glasses or chemical bottles)
Newspaper and mixed paper
(any paper that tears) white/colored paper magazines catalogs books junk mail (even envelopes with clear windows) and paperboard boxes (e.g. cereal tissue etc.). Do not include plastic bags included in newspapers.
Flattened cardboard and paperboard up to 2 ft. X 2 ft. in size
Do not include cardboard with food residue or plastic liners. Not recyclable at trailer sites.
Other items
Plastic bags, textiles, electronics, batteries and cell phones can also be recycled in our community.  More..

Planning a special event?

The Department of Public Works offers recycling containers designed for collecting recyclables at special events. These containers are available for loan to community groups and non-profit organizations on a first-come first- served basis to promote recycling at events. There is no charge for this service. If your group is planning an event in Prince William County, please contact the Solid Waste Division at 703-792-4670. Click here for the Special Events Recycling Bin Agreement.


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