​Attention - Prince William County Businesses

Mandatory Business Recycling Report Due

The annual recycling report, which is mandatory for all Prince William County businesses, except homebased business,  is due February 16, 2015. 

Complete the report/survey on your recycling activities online.


Recycle at Work  

All businesses, offices and commercial facilities in Prince William County are required to recycle the one item making up the greatest portion of their trash on an annual basis. The material recycled at commercial properties will vary depending on the business activity, for example cardboard at a retail business or mixed paper in an office.   


This list may help you determine your primary item to be recycled.  If you're not sure, call (703) 792-4670.  
 Type of Business Activity
 Recyclable Material
 Apartment Building  Mixed paper or single stream recycling*
 Hotel/Motel  Mixed paper or single stream recycling*
 Office Building  Mixed paper or single stream recycling*
 Restaurant  Corrugated cardboard or single stream recycling*
 Retail  Corrugated cardboard or single stream recycling*
 Warehouse/Distribution  Corrugated cardboard or single stream recycling*
 Other Business Activities  Call 703-792-4670 for assistance


  *Single stream recycling includes mixed office paper corrugated cardboard and bottles and cans all mixed together into a single container.
How to Set Up a Recycling Program
The County offers a  Business Recycling  Guide.  It includes information about locating service providers, where to obtain indoor recycling containers, and general waste reduction and recycling facts.  For a printed copy, call 703-792-4670.              
We offer updates and current information about recycling through the County's eNotifications service. 


Businesses Must Complete an Annual Recycling Survey.  Click here