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Trash & Recycling
Recycle at Home

Recycling at Home

Recycling helps conserve natural resources, save landfill space, conserve energy and reduce pollution. Recycle at the curb following guidelines provided by your trash/recycling hauler. You can also drop materials at one of the Recycling Trailers located throughout the County (sites are subject to change) or at the County's recycling collection centers at the PWC Landfill or Balls Ford Yard Waste Composting Facility.  

For residents that live in an apartment or condominium, check with your property manager about recycling programs at your complex or use the county recycling drop-off trailers.   If your complex does not have a recycling program, please call 703-792-4670 and we will work with the property manager to set up a program. 

Materials Accepted for Recycling AT HOME AND DROP-OFF Trailers 

  • Plastics bottles and jugs:  #1 and #2 containers with necks including soda, water, juice, milk and detergent containers.  Rinse out containers.  Bottle caps may be replaced after rinsing.  No bottles that previously contained hazardous materials (such as oil, flammable materials, chemicals, etc.).    
  • Aluminum and steel food and beverage cans and empty aerosol cans.   Empty and rinse out cans.
  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office paper and paperboard boxes, such as cereal, cookie, cracker and tissue boxes.
  • Cardboard (flattened and cut down to sizes up to 2 ft. X 2 ft. in size if taking to the drop-off trailers.)  Please note: large boxes may be taken to the County Landfill or Balls Ford Road Compost Facility. Do not include cardboard with food residue or plastic liners.  Also please discard packing materials such as styrofoam, air pillows and bubble wrap. 

We Do Not Accept

  • Plastic bags - accepted at most grocery stores
  • Glass containers and jars, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs or ceramics
  • Plastics 3 through 7 (such as yogurt, margarine and wide mouthed containers and buckets, styrofoam, bubble wrap, air pillows, etc.)

  • Scrap metal (we do not accept car bodies)
  • Car batteries
  • Household batteries
  • Used oil filters 
  • Motor oil or antifreeze - store separately in clean container. Other fluids or solvents may be accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste program.
  • Yard waste: grass, leaves, brush, branches and prunings. Food waste is not accepted from residents for composting/recycling
  • Flags for Boy Scouts to properly retire
  • Textiles (clothing and shoes)


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