Annual Reporting for PW County Business and Waste Haulers


Business Must Complete a Recycling Survey

Prince William County Code requires all businesses and other non-residential properties that produce trash or recycling in the county to report their activities to the Department of Public Works by February 15th of each year for the previous calendar year.
The report should be completed by the person who is most familiar with trash and recycling collection for the property or business. Please note: Home based county businesses and businesses located within the cities or towns DO NOT need to complete the report.
The report should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Here is the link to the report:
If you prefer to print out a survey and mail it to us, click here
To help you complete the survey, we offer the following information to typical questions and issues.
Here is a listing of zip codes for Prince William County if you have questions about whether your business or non-residential property is within the county.
The Solid Waste Division of Public Works uses the information in order to comply with recycling reporting requirements established by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  You may email to receive a direct link to the recycling report and Prince William County zip code information.
After reviewing the available information, if you still have questions or need assistance, call 703-792-4670.
Haulers Must Complete Recycling Report
All solid waste and recycling haulers permitted to provide service in Prince William County are required to complete an annual report of recycling activities.  Click here for the hauler recycling report.