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Stormwater Easements in Your Yard

Stormwater Easements in Your Yard

Structures Within Stormwater Easements

(Fences and Accessory Structures)

Structures and other items should not be located within a storm sewer and storm drainage easement without prior written permission from the Department of Public Works. An applicant considering installing items such as fences within the storm sewer and storm drainage easement needs to fill out the consolidated Construction in an Easement form and present it, along with a to-scale plat or house location survey of their property with the proposed location of the structure.

Storm sewer and storm drainage easements are often located in residential neighborhoods.  Special consideration and care must be taken when planning a project that involves a stormwater management easement.  Below is information regarding these types of projects: 


Fences shall not impede the free flow of surface runoff nor have adverse effects on adjacent properties.   Posts for fences should honor the natural flow of water and remain clear of any drainage swales.  Allow for additional posts as necessary when installing a fence to honor the natural flow of water in any drainage easements. 


Sheds are not allowed in a stormwater management easement due to the potential for impediment of water flow and possible damage to the shed if drainage maintenance were necessary in the future.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are discouraged from being placed in stormwater management and drainage easements due to their permanent nature. 

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects are required to go through the Land Development Division of the Department of Development Services and request a DCSM Technical Waiver for review by the Department of Public Works to grant waivers of the DCSM technical requirements.


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