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Occupancy Complaint Form

​Occupancy Complaint Form

If you notice too many people living in a home, please complete this online reporting form below. Please complete all fields below. Please use TAB to advance to next field because ENTER will submit the form prematurely.

(Please note that we cannot open a case without an exact address of where the overcrowding has occurred. If you are unable to identify the exact address, try using the County Mapper program available to all citizens. Type in the name of a nearby street and use the 'hand' symbol on the map that appears to pan the view to a spot near the precise location where you spotted the overcrowding. The mapper program will display a valid address which you can enter on this form. Thanks for your effort!)

Name will be held in confidence

You know too many people live in the same house because you see the coming and going of people frequently but Property Code Enforcement Inspectors only visit the house once or twice to investigate the violation and often time are not given enough information. Answering the following questions in detail is critical to the success of their investigation.

The Property Code Enforcement Inspectors will ask you the following questions when they investigate your overcrowding complaint. If you do not know this information now please be watchful so you can provide it to them when they call you.



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