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Neighborhood Services
Neighborhood Services and You

Neighborhood Services Provides:

    • Property Code Enforcement

    • Litter Control

    • Community Capacity Building Programs


Neighborhood Services, a division of the Department of Public Works, works with residents and businesses to make sure properties are held to the applicable Virginia maintenance codes.  Our inspectors work with citizens to address complaints in their neighborhoods.  Neighborhood Coordination staff offer a variety of educational materials and programs to help citizens resolve issues in their neighborhoods.  The Neighborhood Services Litter Control staff diligently removes trash from County roadways six days a week and our various Volunteer Programs enable residents to get engaged with community maintenance issues in their neighborhood. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Neighborhood Services

                                     What does Neighborhood Services do?

Neighborhood Services helps Prince William citizens to keep safe, clean and healthy communities through education, community support, and property code enforcement. We offer programs that teach residents and business owners how to properly maintain their properties, and we work with neighborhood leaders to enforce property codes that go to the heart of the County's quality of life. We also stimulate volunteer efforts across the County that empower citizens to clean trash and litter from common areas, waterways and the County's major roadways, to remove graffiti and other community maintenance issues in and around neighborhoods, and to address other challenges by working together. Our enforcement team is empowered to make property inspections related to the County property code and if necessary to issue citations that carry the force of law.


                                     What happens when I contact Neighborhood Services?

Inspector at Work.JPGIf you register a property-based complaint in Prince William County (see below) one of our Neighborhood Services Intake Technicians may either open a case for investigation by Property Code Inspectors, or refer your issue to another agency for resolution. Your contact information is required to register a complaint. You will receive a PCE case number so that you can track the progress of the case through the County website, and the inspector will contact you to let you know what is happening with the case.


How do I contact Neighborhood Services?

DS Lobby.JPGWe are in the Development Services Building at 5 County Complex Court in Woodbridge.  We are located in Suite 280. Questions and complaints may be called in to Neighborhood Services at 703-792-7018 or e-mailed to Or you may use the online complaint form at


                                      Where can I get help for my neighborhood?

The Neighborhood Coordinator is available to help neighborhoods form or improve community groups, assist with resources and plan neighborhood projects. Educational events are sponsored to increase the skills and knowledge of neighborhood and HOA/COA leaders.  Contact the Neighborhood Coordinator for more information or call NSD at 703-792-7018.


                                      Where can I get info on how to volunteer in my community?

Neighborhood Services not only offers programs that enable you to get involved in improving the community, but we also partner with many other government agencies and non profit organizations in the County on volunteer efforts aimed at improving local quality of life.  To propose a volunteer event, sign up as a volunteer for neighborhood programs, or to find out more about our citizen-driven quality of life programs, please contact the Neighborhood Specialist or call NSD at 703-792-7018.


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