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 Graffiti - Report It & Remove It   


If you see Graffiti in your neighborhood, REPORT IT and REMOVE IT. Graffiti Pic 2.jpg
If graffiti appears on your property, please contact the Prince William County non-emergency Police number at 703-792-6500.  Per Prince William County Code 16-56, Graffiti Prevention and Removal is the responsibility of the property owner.


If possible please take a photo of the graffiti and then remove or cover over the graffiti as soon as possible.  Prompt removal may reduce the likelihood of repeat vandalism.

Graffiti Pic 1.jpg 


You can cover or remove graffiti by the following methods: 


Solvents - please check the manufacturer's instructions for proper use and wear eye protection

Power-washing the vandalized area


  • If you see graffiti on another's residence or business, report it to Neighborhood Services

  • NEVER remove graffiti without the clear and express permission of the property owner 

  • NEVER risk your health and/or safety in order to remove graffiti

  • If a property owner does not remove graffiti within the allotted time given, Neighborhood Services Volunteers or the County Litter Crew will remove the graffiti using the most efficient removal means available
  • If graffiti appears on public property, utility boxes or road signs, report it to Neighborhood Services and we will work with the applicable agency to assist them with its removal
  • If you want to be a part of our graffiti removal volunteer program, please contact the Neighborhood Specialist or call Neighborhood Services at 703-792-7018


Click here for our Neighborhood Graffiti brochure.


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