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Junk in the Yard
In order to comply with County Property Codes residents should take care to ensure that:
  • Tools and lawnmowers are put away in a garage or shed after use.
  • Excess construction materials are donated or recycled after projects. 
  • Bags of trash are in trash cans and are stored at the side or back of the house, or are screened by plants such as evergreens, or are placed behind a fence.  (Remember also to roll the cans out to the curb on pick-up day and remember to return them to their appropriate storage place as soon as you can after pick up. Try and arrange for a neighbor or other helpful person to return your cans to their appropriate storage place if you will not be home to do so on pick up day.)

Out of Code Outdoor Storage Creates A Variety of Problems

The most frequent complaint of ugliness in our neighborhoods is what the County Code terms 'outside storage.'  It provides shelter for rodents and insects that can affect our health. It creates safety concerns for those who approach the home. It clutters the yard and renders your space unusable. It detracts from the appearance of the home that is in violation as well as the entire neighborhood. It sends a negative message to people looking to buy homes in the neighborhood and can diminish the value of the violator's home and neighbors as well. Also, it invites criminals to target the neighborhood since it appears no one cares about their property. 
So what are you going to do with all of that stuff? 
  • Organize and sort possessions that require storage.
  • Store in home, garage or shed, or behind plantings that can shield them from view (Remember that sheds or fences require zoning approval.) 
  • Sell or give away stuff you no longer need.  There are a number of ways to reuse items.
  • Recycle what you can.
  • Take unwanted material and trash to the County Landfill.  
  • Participate in an organized community clean up or arrange for a clean up in your community.  Call (703) 792-7018 to find out about upcoming clean ups or to organize one for your neighborhood.   


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