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Graffiti Reporting Form
  • If you spot graffiti on public or private property (residential or commercial), please report it using the form below.
  • If you SEE someone IN THE ACT of vandalizing property with graffiti, call the PWC Police at 9-1-1 right away.
  • If it is your property that has been vandalized, you may want to file a police report. Call 703-792-6500.
  • Please complete all fields in the form below. Without this information, inspectors' efforts to document and volunteers' efforts to remove the graffiti will not be effective or efficient.
  • Please use TAB or mouse click to advance to next field. Do not use ENTER - it will submit the form prematurely

 Graffiti Reporting Form


Note: NOVEC boxes are dark green boxes w/orange stickers and a 9-digit number on the front.
Dominion Power boxes are light green boxes with numbers and letters at the top, left corner.
Verizon boxes are tall, slender and usually light tan.
Please identify which utility company owns the box and submit the number on the box if possible

(For clues, visit Recognizing Tagger and Gang Graffiti)
Can you provide any other helpful information? Additional location information? Details of the graffiti? For example: The surface material (wood, vinyl, concrete...) -- The graffiti material (paint, pen, chalk...) -- Foul language? Puffy letters? Crowns, symbols, stars, letters?

Supporting Image: 
The maximum size for a supporting image must be 1.5MB.
If you have digital images that would help in the investigation, we would appreciate your assistance. However, please do not step onto the property belonging to others to obtain photos. You may either attach a "Supporting Image" in the space provided in the form above, or simply attach the digital image(s) to a separate e-mail sent to In you choose to send a separate E-mail, please refer to the address referenced in the form above so we can link it to your report.
Confirmation of Receipt of Your Report
Once you hit the 'submit' button, your report will be sent simultaneously to the Prince William County Police Department and to Neighborhood Services. You will receive a notice that your report has been sent.


What If a Citizen Disagrees With an Enforcement Decision?
Neighborhood Services exists to help residents understand, abide by, and raise concerns about compliance with property codes. The codes are there to guide the way we work together to maintain adequate health, safety and quality of life in the places where we live and conduct business in Prince William County. 


The decision as to whether a property is in violation of a relevant property code is based on very specific parameters. The process protects the rights and interests of all residents and property owners in addition to the health and safety of neighbors and others who come into contact with the property. 

If a citizen disagrees with an Inspector’s findings, he or she does have recourse. If the Inspector involved does not answer all of the citizen’s questions to their satisfaction, the next person to talk to is the Inspector’s supervisor, a Chief Property Code Inspector. Contact a Chief Inspector by calling Neighborhood Services at (703) 792-7018.  You can also email us at to request more information from a Chief Inspector.

After contacting the Chief, if a citizen is still not satisfied, the Chief Inspector will be available to explain the next steps and contact information for further review of the findings.

Graffiti Removal
Property owners are responsible for graffiti removal. You and your community group can take control of this vandalism by offering to assist the property owner. If removal is not done by the owner and/or neighborhood volunteers, it is left to County volunteers; contact Neighborhood Services for removal date. If the graffiti has been removed, please notify us so that volunteer efforts are directed to other graffiti incidents. We can be reached at 703-792-7018.

Thank you for doing your part to maintain safe and healthy

Prince William communities!

For more information about Neighborhood Services, click here.


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