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Preserving Our Historic Resources

The Department of Public Works is dedicated to the preservation of Prince William County's historic resources.  Our Historic Preservation Division staff serve as the caretakers of historic structures, interiors, archaeological resources, natural resources, historic landscapes, artifacts and collections.  We also help build community identity through telling the story of our community. 

Staff recognizes the critical role we play in caring for our historic treasures and traditions.  This role benefits our community, our state and our nation.  We take this responsibility very seriously and strive to fulfill the need to identify, protect, preserve and rehabilitate historic sites for public use and posterity.  

Our goal is to show the connections between our history, our present, our future and our growth as a community.  We pledge to:

  • Bring history to life and to light through interpretation, research, living history, special events, lectures and exhibits

  • Collect, preserve and interpret objects, documents, structures and archaeological resources

  • Advance our knowledge of our community’s history

  • Make these resource meaningful and worthwhile for every citizen

  • Invite and train citizen volunteers so they can learn about our community’s past and share it with their fellow citizens and neighbors 

Prince William County is important at a local, state and national level.  Locally, our community served as an important agricultural and commerce center.  Yesterday’s citizens played a critical in the history and formation of our state by serving in the state legislature, militia and business community.  Prince William County citizens also played a significant part in the foundation of our nation by actively participating in important discussions and working diligently to provide critical crops and supplies, as well as the transportation of those goods to the places that needed them.   

Many people have called Prince William County home.  Our rich heritage features a diversity of cultures spanning hundreds of years from:

  • a long prehistory of American Indians to . . .

  • the early contact of American Indians with English settlers to . . .

  • the establishment and expansion of the English colonies to . . .

  • the foundation of a new nation to . . .

  • the horror of an American Civil War to . . . 

  • the struggles and victories of an enslaved community to . . .

  • the healing of a nation to . . .

  • the industrial revolution to . . .

  • the step into the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Our staff interprets the lives and struggles of all people, as well as the events and places in our community's history.  Please join us to learn and appreciate the importance of the very community where you live and its contributions to the history of our nation. 

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our efforts to preserve and protect our community's historic and natural areas:  Cockpit Point Battlefield Heritage Park along the Potomac River!  Learn a bit about this site.
​Tidbits of History

Thomas Blackburn was the son of Richard Blackburn of Rippon Lodge.  Thomas Blackburn's daughter, Julia Ann (known as Nancy) married Bushrod Washington, George Washington's favorite nephew.  They would inherit Mount Vernon when Martha Washington passed away.  Nancy is the first of two Blackburn ladies to be mistresses of Mount Vernon.

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Complete listing of our Annual Events and Programs

​We warmly welcome you to our historic sites.  Please review our full list of upcoming events and programs.  We hope to see you soon at our sites.

Enjoy our archive of newsletters

​Our newsletters are filled with all the news, findings and happenings at our historic sites.  Learn more about our efforts to preserve our local treasures and lore.  

2016 Historic Lecture Series

​Join us for this year's interesting lectures that help us learn more about our community's history and place in the growth of our nation.  Learn more


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