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Your Local Government Goes Green

The employees of Prince William County are working together to be better stewards of our natural resources and areas! A Green Guiding Committee has created the Green Guiding Principles, a plan for things we can do and new practices we can implement to reduce our impact on the environment. We are very proud of our efforts and have earned some very important honors and certifications.


The Department of Public Works serves in a leadership role on crucial environmental protection efforts.  Our staff preserve and showcase natural and historic resources, monitor and restore local waterways, monitor and control forest pests that could damage local trees, manage the community's solid waste by properly disposing of trash, household hazardous wastes and electronics, lead the community's recycling and composting efforts, design green elements into County facilities and conserve electricity in County buildings.

Here is a list of a few of our accomplishments:
Environmental Management Systems
  • Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise (E4) certification from the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) for its County Landfill and the Balls Ford Road Composting Facility.  Prince William County’s Landfill is the first active landfill in the state to earn the E4 status.  This certificate recognizes efforts to comply with or exceed numerous Federal and State solid waste, air quality and water quality regulations.   

  • Exemplary Environmental Enterprise (E3) Certification from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Environmental Excellence Program for the landfill, fleet operations, Balls Ford Road Compost Facility, operations building, print shop and supply warehouse. 


  • Achievements in 2015:  We replaced 514 parking lots lights with LED lights to help save energy, including use of motion sensors on most of the lights for additional energy savings.  We reduced our Greenhouse Gas emissions again this year and used the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator to measure our reductions. 
  • Combining our yearly savings in FY13, FY14 and FY15, we have saved 800,394 KWH usage.  We saved $77,685 in energy costs and $29,081 in maintenance costs over the past three years for a total cost savings of $106,766. 
  • Energy Star Certification for the Ferlazzo Government Center and the Development Services Building.

  • Energy Audit at the McCoart Administrative Center, Western District Police Station and the Prince William Judicial Center with several programs being implemented to improve energy efficiency and conserve energy using grant dollars from the Federal Government.  Visitors to these buildings can view energy savings and initiatives on monitors located in the main lobbies. 

  • Methane gas captured from the Landfill Operations and used to generate electricity.

  • Use of GPS technology to improve performance of vehicles and to help drivers improve driving habits to reduce fuel consumption.

Green Buildings

  • Creation of the Environmental Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan for long term planning.

  • Construction of the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department Station using Green Building strategies.

Water Quality Protection 

  • Completion of a number of stream restoration and improvement projects throughout the community.  
  • Studies completed on several watersheds to determine health of the waterways and needed action steps.

Citizen Participation

  • Opportunity for citizens and businesses to use eServices for a variety of programs and services.

  • Opportunities for youth, families and organizations to volunteer in conservation projects and clean up efforts throughout the county.


  • 2013 and 2009 Platinum Level for the Green Government Challenge from the Virginia Associations of Counties and Virginia Municipal League.



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