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Green Leaders in Our Community

Prince William County is fortunate to have many individuals, families, organizations and businesses that are taking steps to protect, preserve and restore our natural areas.  This page will feature stories about their actions and practices.  We hope these stories will inspire you, generate ideas on steps you can take, and raise awareness about thoughtful actions and wise practices that help reduce our impact on the environment.  

The Department of Public Works and the Green Guiding Committee for Prince William County recognizes individuals, groups, businesses and schools for their outstanding efforts to protect and preserve our local natural environment. They serve as model stewards to help guide and inspire our community to become better caretakers of our part of the earth. Each spring, we recognize them with our annual Green Community Awards. 

Shining the Spotlight:

Winners of the 2016 Green Community Awards:

Top Green:  Prince William Wildflower Society

The Prince William Wildflower Society has worked tirelessly throughout the years to promote the benefits of planting native species and wildflowers.  They also encourage the community to create habitat for birds, butterflies, wildlife and beneficial insects by establishing wildflower and native plant settings.  The Society hosts several events in the community to raise awareness about the benefits, including plant sales, work days at select locations and garden tours.  To help with their efforts, the Society maintains a very useful website, shares information in their newsletter, creates a NOVA Natives plant guide and offers special lectures.  They are a chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society. 

Program:  Water Quality Monitoring and Biological Citizen Science Program

Under the guidance of Ms. Veronica Tangiri, citizens are trained to monitor and assess local streams.  They collect and send stream data to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and Prince William County Public Works.  This information gives agencies extra information and data about local streams in their efforts to protect and improve water quality.  As the citizens learn about the health of the streams, they are better able to understand their impact on waterways and to teach others about the importance of community pollution prevention action. 

Program:  Prince William County Service Authority's Community Education and Outreach Program

The Service Authority has created clever and engaging programs and events to help students from kindergarten through high school to increase understanding about the value of clean drinking water and a community's efforts to treat and reclaim water resources.  Over 2,000 students have participated in programs that focus on protecting local waters including the Chesapeake Bay.  Students have learned about the impact of Fats, Oils and Grease on local waters, the water reclamation process, storm drain protection, litter control and sewer science.   

Project:  Allen Matthys

Mr. Matthys has been a resident of Prince William County for over 40 years.  After his retirement, he began daily walks in his community.  During these walks, Mr. Matthys noticed all the trash in his community and decided to do something about it.  To date, he has devoted over 381 hours of serve and conducted 131 clean ups in his community.  Mr. Matthys has picked up over 76 bags of trash and 63 bags of recycling.  He even cleans up in the storm drains and pond in his neighborhood.  His actions directly improve the appearance of our community and keeps unwanted trash out of local waterways.   

Individual:  Harrison (Harry) Glasgow

Harry Glasgow exemplifies the spirit of a true volunteer.  He gives abundant amounts of time, energy and enthusiasm to many organizations in Prince William County that are dedicated to protecting our local environment and natural resources.  He assists on boards, teaches at special events and educational programs and works tirelessly to raise awareness about citizen action.  He always works quietly in the background to ensure the spotlight in on the topic or effort at hand.  Harry generously shares his knowledge and expertise with others, whether its is guiding others on a bird hike, sharing input on the landfill, serving with the Soil & Water Conservation District or helping to maintain gardens and natural areas.  He has made a huge difference in our community through his support and efforts.   

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Let us know about your efforts!

We know there are many success stories out there.  If you would like to share a story, please send an email with details to  Stories will be updated periodically.   



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