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Green Community Challenge

Take the Challenge and Help Our Community Go Green


You can make significant contributions to our community's efforts to go green.  You can adopt a sustainable lifestyle through your actions and practices.  You can take action and reduce your impact on the environment.  Learn about ways to prevent pollution and get involved with community conservation projects.  Each one of us together can meet this challenge and create a better world for all. 


Commercial property owners and office tenants can reduce their impact on the environment with sustainable practices in the office and their operations.  Offices can help their community by implementing green strategies to reduce waste and conserve energy


Businesses can also reduce their impact on the environment by conserving energy, reducing waste and conserving water use.  By reducing our use of natural resources, we can help preserve our planet and create a better quality of life for our community.  We challenge all businesses to implement sustainable practices:

  • turning off lights and computers
  • buying energy star products
  • adjusting the thermostat
  • recycling your waste
  • buying products with recycled content
  • reducing waste by looking for less packaging and reusable items
  • installing water saving devices
  • educating your employees. 

These new practices help save costs and promote a good corporate image that cares about its community. 

Prince William County Recognizes Good Corporate and Volunteer Stewards

Our community appreciates businesses, organizations and residents that care about the environment.  We recognize environmental stewards with our Green Community Awards.  Let us know about your efforts or the efforts of a worthwhile group or individual by emailing

Join TeamSort and help us Sort It Out!

Prince William County also invites residents and businesses to join TeamSort, a concerted effort to have everyone recycle more.  Recycling is easy, but we can only win if everyone participates.  Learn more about recycling at home and at work.  And help us sort the recyclables from the trash!


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