April is Litter Awareness Month

Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB) is preparing for the kickoff of Litter Awareness Month.  The month of April, or Prince William County's Litter Awareness Month, gives KPWB the opportunity to raise litter awareness, the laws associated with litter, and the social and environmental effects that littering has on our community.  Some of KPWB’s highlights during Litter Awareness Month include events tailored to providing educational outreach on these topics as well as opportunities to keep Prince William clear of unsightly trash and recyclables.
Special Events to Celebrate and Protect Our Planet:
  • Earth Day Celebration at Historic Haymarket on April 11th, giving local vendors and businesses a chance to bring
  • Prince William-Manassas regional science fair
  • Earth Day Celebration at the Plaza on April 22
  • Compost Awareness Day on April 25th
  • KPWB’s penultimate event is The Annual Route 1 Clean-Sweep, held on April 18th, 2015.  The goal of the Clean-Sweep is to revive areas of Prince William County, with the help and support of our many dedicated volunteers. 
KPWB is not the only organization to celebrate Litter Awareness Month.  During the month of April, police officers will also have increased concentration on litter laws, illegal dumping and unsecured truck load legislation through increased ticketing and prosecution for litter-related discrepancies.  In addition to the events mentioned, the KPWB website has a comprehensive list of the educational activities and services available during the month of April.  Visit http://kpwb.org/litter-awareness-month-campaign/ or email our Environmental Programs Manager Damir Grljevic for more information at dgrljevic@kpwb.org


Go Green                  green_earthmm[1].jpg

It's everywhere. People going green, businesses going green, governments going green! It makes sense if we want to preserve and protect our planet. If you are ready to join the Go Green Movement, here are some things you can do right at home and in your community!
Change Your Habits and Reduce Your Impact to Protect the Environment
We can all make a difference.  Small steps.  Large strides.  All actions no matter the size can help us move toward a greener and cleaner community.  You can help around the house and your business by starting or increasing your efforts to conserve energy, reduce waste, control emissions and reduce pollution.  Learn about efforts by local youth and their families to restore and improve our local natural areas!
  • Take the Green Community Challenge!  And help Prince William County become even better stewards of our natural resources and environment. 
  • Take Action by changing your habits and practices. Little things you do can make a big difference in the health of our natural resources and the Earth.
  • Get Your Kids Involved and Outside.  Opportunities to introduce your family to the wonder of nature all around us!
  • Prevent Pollution. Ideas and practices to help prevent pollution.
  • Save energy by practicing conservation and choosing environmentally friendly options. 

Volunteer Your Time and Help with Local Projects

Discover What Others are Doing and What You Can Do to Help Them 

  • Your Local Government Goes Green. Prince William County Government is involved in a number of initiatives to do our part to be good stewards of the planet. We hope you will join us by doing your part. Together, we will see amazing improvements and results!
  • Who's Helping to Protect the Environment offers a list of agencies that work everyday on behalf of the Earth and offer programs so you can take part in those efforts, as well as a list of businesses that support our efforts. 
  • Green Leaders in Our Community spotlights citizens, organizations and businesses that provide outstanding service to our community as environmental stewards through dedicated action and sound practices.  

Please do it now! 

Did you know the rectangle drains along the curb feed directly to local streams and creeks?  Many people think it leads to the waste water treatment plants.  Please be careful not to dump any materials that could harm our local waters.  These materials include used motor oil, leaves, grass clippings, pet waste and fertilizers.  Please follow these methods to properly dispose of these items:

  • Used motor oil can be recycled at the County Landfill
  • Leaves and grass clippings can be composted in your backyard to create a valuable material to enrich your soil (or take to the County Landfill or Compost Facility for composing) 
  • Pet waste should be bagged and dispose in your trash
  • Fertilizer can be taken to the County Landfill on Wednesdays and Saturdays for collection at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection (remember it is best to fertilize in the fall)