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protect our natural resources
Go Green

Protect and Restore Natural Resources    

Prince William County takes its role as protector and steward of natural resources for our community very seriously.  Staff are working diligently to reduce our impact on the environment, keep our citizens safe, restore degraded areas and reforest areas at construction sites and County properties, and improve the quality of local waters and natural areas. 

Our long term quest is to leave the area better than the way we found it to provide a healthy and viable natural environment for years to come.  We offer ideas to you and your children to help in this quest.   Please visit our page on how to go green

In the Community

Staff work on a daily basis to protect and restore our community's natural resources.  You can find County employees undertaking:

In the Neighborhood

Staff work diligently to ensure properties meet all codes and ordinances for the health and safety of the community.  We also monitor, treat and spray for mosquitoes as required to protect public health.

In the Yard

County staff work through volunteers to teach fellow citizens about sound lawn and landscaping practices, particularly the use of native plants.   Staff also share information on techniques to control mosquitoes.

In the Schools

County staff and partners provide information, teaching aids and materials and special field experiences for students to learn about the natural environment around them.

In the County Government

County staff seek ways to reduce our impact on the natural environment.  We use various teams, programs and processes to ensure we meet state and federal mandates, as well as improve employee safety.  Our current initiatives include: 

  • Fulfill local, state and federal regulations
  • Serve as responsible stewards of natural resources and county dollars
  • Implement sound practices and initiatives
    • Smarter Chemical Practices by selecting chemicals that are effective and safer for employees
    • Environmental Management Systems program that guide us on undertaking tasks with the least amount of impact on the environment, while fulfilling our work requirements and safeguarding employees
    • Undertaking plans and practices that protect local waters
    • Managing waste responsibly by ensuring all materials are recycled or disposed of properly in order to protect public health and the environment. 



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