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Environmental Services
Wetlands Advisory Board

Wetlands Advisory Boardwetland.png

The Wetlands Advisory Board has jurisdiction over tidal shores for both vegetative and non-vegetative tidal areas located between mean low tide and high tide elevations. To be allowed to cause impact on these areas, citizens must submit an application to the Wetlands Board and receive approval at a Wetlands Advisory Board Public Hearing. Required applications are one Federal Joint Permit Application and one County permit application. There is a $533.03 County permit application fee. The Joint Permit Application can be obtained from the Department of Environmental Quality.
Avoidance and minimization of impacts to tidal wetlands (vegetative and non-vegetative) must be presented before an application is approved and a permit is issued. If impacts do occur mitigation of the wetlands is required. This can be on-site mitigation. If on-site mitigation is not possible the Wetlands Advisory Board will assess a fee of $9 per square foot of non-vegetative tidal wetlands and $18 per square foot for vegetative tidal wetlands. 
All tidal waters and wetlands outside the mean low tide and mean high tide zone (the PWC Wetlands Advisory Board Jurisdiction) are regulated by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC). VMRC also provides advice and oversight of the PWC Wetlands Advisory Board decisions.
The Prince William County Wetlands Advisory Board consists of seven members selected by the Board of County Supervisors. Two members are appointed from the Dumfries District three from the Woodbridge District and two from the Occoquan District. Prince William County established the board in 1972 after the establishment of the 1972 Virginia Tidal Wetlands Act that allows localities to create a wetland ordinance and wetlands board. It operates under Title 28.2-Chapter 13 of the Code of Virginia. Public Works serves as the liaison between the Wetlands Advisory Board and the County.

The Wetlands Advisory Board meets as needed. If you would like to receive e-mail notification about the public meetings go to and select the notification for Wetlands Advisory Board. You may also call Tom Dombrowski, the County Liaison for the Wetlands Board at 703-792-5534 for more information.



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