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Environmental Services
Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management

The Prince William County storm water management system consists of man-made components (pipes, ditches, and ponds) and natural components (streams, wetlands, and floodplains) that controls the quantity and quality of storm water to prevent flooding and minimize pollutants entering our waterways. The Board of County Supervisors established a Storm Water Management Program on May 15, 1994.  It is funded by the Storm Water Management Fee
Services covered by this fee include:
  • Drainage easement maintenance
  • Maintain and improve drainage and storm water management facilities 
  • Improve water quality in local streams and rivers
  • Reduce illicit discharges
  • Comply with federal and state regulations and permits
  • Construct watershed improvements such as stream restoration projects and storm water retrofits for better pollution control
  • Protect wetlands
  • Enforcement of erosion and sediment control regulations
  • Flood prevention


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