What is My Storm Water Management Fee?

  • Residents will pay their fee on the bi-annual real estate bill.  This means the total annual fee is split between the two bills. 
    • $37.10 total annual fee for detached singe-family homes
    • $27.85 total annual fee for townhome, mobile home and condominium owners


  • Nonresidential property owners will pay a total annual fee of $18.02 per 1000 square feet of impervious area. Fee adjustments or credits may be available if a storm water management system is already in place. This fee is billed on the bi-annual real estate bills.


  • Owners of agricultural croplands and undeveloped properties are not charged a fee. Agricultural properties are currently required to develop water quality plans and resource conservation plans in order to comply with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act and the Farm Bill.