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What is my Storm Water Management Fee

What is My Storm Water Management Fee?

  • Residents will pay their fee on the bi-annual real estate bill.  This means the total annual fee is split between the two bills. 
    • $38.21 total annual fee for detached single-family homes
    • $28.69 total annual fee for townhomes, mobile homes, apartments, and condominium owners


  • Nonresidential property owners will pay a total annual fee of $18.56 per 1000 square feet of impervious area. Fee adjustments or credits may be available if a storm water management system is already in place. This fee is billed on the bi-annual real estate bills.


  • Owners of agricultural lands and undeveloped properties are not charged a fee. Properties actively involved in agricultural activities are strongly encouraged to develop water quality plans and resource conservation plans in order to comply with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act and the Farm Bill. Please contact the Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District to learn more about development of these plans by clicking here


  • To see more information regarding the FY 2015 Stormwater Management Fee approved by the Board of County Supervisors, please click here


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