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Plant Native
Now available!  In February, a number of local agencies sponsored a Native Plant Symposium.  Scroll down for links to watch the keynote speaker presentation on the value of native plants with a spectacular tour of plants found in Virginia.  Then view  several presentations for homeowners with guidance on introducing natives, tips for planting and best management practices to your own yard. 


Everyone is encouraged to consider the benefits of planting native species in your yard and on your business grounds.  Native plants offer a variety of benefits for the community, as well as bring natural beauty to any location. 

We encourage you to consider natives when first creating gardens or when your replant at your home or business setting.  Why Native?  With natives planted in the right location,

  • You will enjoy healthy plants since they are here naturally - they like the soil and the climate.
  • You will have less work to maintain the plants since they are native to our area.
  • You will save money since the plants are more likely to thrive here.
  • You will provide natural habitat and food for butterflies, birds and pollinators.
  • You can plant a variety of natives to thrive in the various settings (shade, full sun, wet soil and bloom schedule) on your property. 
  • You will enjoy beautiful plants as intended for our area!

Here are some organizations that can help you successfully plan, select, plant and care for your native species:

For plants truly native to the Northern Virginia area, please check out Native Plants for Northern Virginia posted on the pages at

You can also contact the Master Gardeners and the Virginia Cooperative Extension for guidance.  They can help you choose the right plant or plants to create the perfect spot.  Contact the Extension Horticulture Help Desk at 703-792-7747 and one of the helpful Master Gardeners will assist you.  Just describe the spot (sun, shade, wet or dry) and they will help you select a low maintenance, beautiful native tree, shrub or plant.  You can also contact them by email at  In addition, they have a page dedicated to planting natives at 

There are classes on a variety of gardening and landscape topics offered throughout the year to help you.  To learn more, please visit


Presentations from the 2019 Native Plant Symposium:

Virginia's Native Plants - J. Christopher Ludwig, a leading botanist and authority on native plants in Virginia.  Here is his presentation that includes breathtaking views of native plants found in Virginia:

Establishing Meadows - Mike Miller, a Conservation Specialist with the Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District, shared information on what to expect when first establishing a native plant meadow in your yard:

Landscaping with Native Plants - Nancy Vehrs, president of the Virginia Native Plant Society and its local chapter of the Prince William Wildflower Society, shared information on landscaping using native plants in your yard:

Meadows -  Nancy Berlin, a Natural Resource Specialist for Virginia Cooperative Extension in Prince William County, shared information on how to establish a native plant meadow in your yard:

Restoring Native Forests - Julie Flanagan, an arborist with the Prince William County Department of Public Works, shared information on restoring and planting native trees to create a forested area in your yard:

Plants that Benefit Animals - Kim Hosen, Executive Director of the Prince William Conservation Alliance, shared information on plantings that will draw wildlife to your yard and provide the resources they need:

Suburban BMPs - Nicole Slazinski, a Conservation Specialist with the Prince William Soil and Water Conservatoin District, shared practices and tips to help control water, erosion and run-off in your yard:




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