Volunteers at Work


The Project
Title:  Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Environmental Projects on Vacant County Owned Lands
WhenJuly 17th, 2014
End of D St. at Marumsco Creek, Woodbridge.
End of E St. at Marumsco Creek, Woodbridge.
Drainage swale at 7770 Garner Drive, Manassas.
Stormwater Pond #494 at end of Rodes Drive, Manassas.
Four volunteer projects helped clean up and beautify local neighborhoods at no cost to the tax payer.
Three volunteer projects involve some drainage and/or water quality improvements. Future Prince
William County - Environmental Services projects at three of the four locations will involve runoff
reduction/water quality improvements to receiving stream channels.
The Action Team
Two Habitat for Humanity team leaders and about 40 volunteers from Greystone Mortgage working with
two Prince William County – Environmental Services employees.
The Result
Cleared tall weeds and a large mulch pile.
Constructed two rip-rap check dams in the swale toward Marumsco Creek.
Cleared tall weeds, scrub shrubs, and other debris and spread mulch in area.
Cleared tall weeds, scrub shrubs and silt from drainage inlet/outlet; constructed rip-rap check dam.
Repaired about 40 damaged tree plantings and their tubes in basin.
Removed litter and debris from basin.
Future Projects/Improvements
October 2014:
Additional work will involve some volunteer work and some ESD engineering and operations.
Construct water quality filter strip at end of E Street and plant more trees.
Construct water quality filter strip at end of D Street cul-de-sac and plant more trees.
Additional silt removal and construct rock forebay between the inlet-outlet pipes.
Repair eroded pockets in drainage swale. Do tree plantings and live stakes plantings along drainage swale.
Inspect condition of tree plantings and remove litter and debris as needed.
Contact Information
For more information, contact:
Tim Hughes, Engineering Assistant III