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Lot grading plans are required when a single family home is built in Prince William County.  A lot grading plan shows existing and proposed topography of a lot, setbacks from all property lines, the footprint of the proposed home as well as a  proposed location for any well and septic systems, when required.  A lot grading plan will almost always consist of a geotechnical report which describes the soil found in the location where a home site is proposed. 

The lot grading plan must be prepared by a civil engineer or land surveyor certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Plans are designed to adhere to the requirements set forth in both section 700 and 800 of the Design and Construction Standards Manual "DCSM" as well as the Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook.
Individual Lot Geotechnical Reports 


Geotechnical reports are not to be confused with  AOSE soil tests.

AOSE soil tests are done in conjunction with the design of your drain field / septic system and is reviewed separately through the Environmental Health Department (703-792-6310, option 2).

A  geotechnical report recommends the type of foundation to be dug or poured along with any additional weep holes, or the geotechnical report can indicate that the soil has a high shrink-swell index in that area where the home is proposed, and any additional requirements for soil stability.   The geotechnical study can only be prepared by someone certified to do so within the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

 If a geotechnical report is required for your lot, it is recommended that you coordinate the geotechnical study with your civil engineer.  Many times, the engineer can incorporate the geotechnical engineer's findings directly onto the plan. 



Submission of the Lot Grading Plan and Individual Lot Geotechnical Report


Lot grading plans WITH a geotechnical study:

  • Submit seven (7) copies of the plan, and at least two (2) copies of the booklet, if one is included.


If you bring a lot grading plan WITHOUT a geotechnical study:

  • Submit  six (6) copies of the plan.

The normal review time for both a geotechnical report and a lot grading plan is 10 business days (approximately 2 weeks from date of submission).  


Submissions of plans with over 15 lots are given more time due to the number of lots under review.   While it is not required to submit the geotechnical report at the time of the lot grading submission, it is recommended to coordinate the plan submissions with your civil and geotechnical engineer to save time and unnecessary trips  to the County.  Currently, there is no electronic option to check lot grading statuses, please call 703-792-7070 to check on the status of the plan.


Lot Grading Review Fees:

($373.00 per lot for new/major revisions, $48.00 per lot for minor revisions; $138.00 per lot for the geotechnical report)


Additional factors for consideration:

Bull Run Mountain Service District Road Impact Fee

  • If the lot to be developed is located within the Bull Run Mountain Service District, a one-time road impact fee of $3,000.00 is required to be submitted prior to approval of the lot grading plan.  If you are unsure as to whether your lot is located in the Bull Run Mountain Service District, please contact us at 703-792-7070. 


PASA/PFD Requirements


If the lot to be developed has any perennial streams or water bodies on the property, it may be subject to both PASA (Preservation Area Site Assessment) and PFD (Perennial Flow Determination) requirements.  Please contact 703-792-7070 to confirm whether these requirements exist. 


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