Welcome to the Department of Public Works!

You can count on us to do the right thing for the community by creating and sustaining the best environment in which to live, work and play. You'll find our staff working daily to protect and improve our natural and historic resources, adopt and enforce codes and regulations, and build and maintain the infrastructure needed for County government employees to serve the community. Our goal is to make our community better by controlling mosquitoes, managing solid waste, creating better neighborhoods, safeguarding the quality of our air, water and land, conserving energy and reducing emissions, and building the facilities needed to serve our citizens. 
Please send your questions, inquiries and suggestions for our department to Deb Oliver at doliver@pwcgov.org or call 703-792-6819. We welcome your ideas and feedback.
Director's Office
Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department, personnel issues, budget and community outreach.
​Thomas Bruun, Director ​703-792-6820
fax: 703-792-6828
​5 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192
​Matt Villareale, Assistant Director  ​703-792-6820
fax: 703-792-6828
​5 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192
​ ​
Media Inquiries, Public Outreach Programs and Community Education
​Deb Oliver,
Public Outreach & Education
fax: 703-792-6828
​5 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192

​Webmaster:  doliver@pwcgov.org

Neighborhood Services

Responsible for helping residents improve their neighborhoods through cooperative efforts and education, working with property owners to ensure compliance with building and property codes, and picking up litter and illegal signs along our roadways.

​​Paul Lynch
Neighborhood Services Division Chief
fax: 703-792-5969
​5 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192
​ ​ ​
Environmental Services Division
​Responsible for drainage control and improvements, gypsy moth and mosquito control, small construction projects, watershed management, stream monitoring, pollution prevention and street name signs.
​Marc Aveni
Environmental Services Division Chief
fax: 703-792-6297
​5 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192


Solid Waste Management

Responsible for operation of the landfill, trash disposal, recycling, composting, household hazardous waste collection, and environmental controls to safeguard the community.
​Tom Smith
Solid Waste Division Chief

fax: 703-792-4617

​5 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192

Facilities Construction Management

Responsible for design and project management for construction, renovation and restoration of buildings to provide County government services to the public.
Lou Ann Dorrier
County Architect
fax: 703-792-6297
​5 County Complext Court
Prince William, VA 22192
​ ​ ​
Buildings and Grounds Division
Responsible for maintenance, custodial services and maintaining the grounds at County buildings, as well as for providing support for County events.
​Bob Weiss
Buildings & Grounds Division Chief
fax: 703-792-6376
​9412 Peabody Street
Manassas, VA 20110
​ ​ ​
Property Management Group
Responsible for the design of office space for County employees, space planning for buildings used by the public, and leasing space for County government offices.
​Matt Corneliussen
Property Management Division Chief 
fax: 703-330-5435
​9517 Innovation Drive
Manassas, VA 20109
​ ​ ​
Historic Preservation
​Responsible for the identification, preservation, protection, restoration and interpretation of County-owned historic sites and artifacts.
​Brendon Hanafin
Historic Preservation Division Chief
fax: 703-221-7504
​17674 Main Street
Dumfries, VA 22026
Fleet Management Division  ​ ​
​Responsible for the purchase, maintenance and fueling of vehicles, as well as bikes and small engine equipment for County government use.​ ​
​Tom Westergaard
Fleet Management Division Chief
fax: 703-792-5934
​14809 Dumfries Road
Manassas, VA 20112