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Register Your Alarm
Did you know that all home and business alarms must be registered with Prince William County? The ordinance requiring this went into effect on July 1, 2009. If you've registered your alarm and then change alarm companies don't worry. Just contact the Alarm Coordinator at 703-792-7281 or 703-792-6687 to update your information.
In FY 2014 the Police Department responded to 12, 310 alarm calls -- of those only 58 calls were valid!
Alarm calls require that more than one police officer be dispatched to ensure that the calls are handled in a safe and appropriate manner. Because of the drain these calls place on Police Department resources -- more calls for alarms were logged than for traffic crashes, domestic cases, or suspicious persons/suspicious vehicles -- the County adopted regulations pertaining to the operation of security and fire alarm systems that allow a user fee to be charged for each false alarm that results in a police response.
The County's goal in adopting its fire and security alarm regulations is to reduce the number of false alarms and to ensure that County resources are used in the most effective manner to protect the health, safety and welfare of County residents and businesses.
To ask questions pertaining to registering your home or business alarm, or to ask a question about a false-alarm fee, call the Alarm Coordinator's office at 703-792-7281 or 703-792-6687.


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