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Online Safety for Kids
Computers have become an important part of our children's education and way of life. It is important that we as parents and other caregivers do what we can to keep them safe when they are online.
The Department's Computer Forensics Unit offers the following suggestions:
  • Talk to your children and teens about the dangers of the Internet.
  • Keep the computer that is connected to the Internet in a common area of the house; NEVER in a child's bedroom. For computers that have wireless connections to the Internet establish family rules about where in the home they are used. 
  • Use parental control software especially on a computer with wireless connections to the Internet.
  • Monitor and limit children's Internet activity.
Tips for teens, tweens and kids:
Asian teen girl with laptop
  • Never give out any personal information such as your address telephone numbers parents' information or the location of your school without your parents' permission.
  • Tell your parents right away if you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Never agree to meet someone from online without first checking with your parents.
  • Never send your picture or anything else without first checking with your parents.
  • Never respond to any messages that are mean or that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Work with your parents to establish rules for Internet use.
  • Never give out your passwords to anyone -- even your best friends.
  • Check with your parents before downloading or installing software.
  • Be a good online citizen.
  • Teach your parents more about computers and the Internet.


























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