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Police Department
Police Body-Worn Camera Field Testing Begins Next Week

August 11, 2016 -- For Immediate Release


PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA . . . Last year, the Board of County Supervisors provided funding for and directed the Prince William County Police Department to move forward with a pilot project for the use of Body-Worm Cameras.  A committee was created to develop a policy on the use of the Body-Worn Camera.  This committee consisted of internal stakeholders to ensure the legality and proper operation of the Body-Worn Camera.  Once the committee developed the draft policy, it was shared with community stakeholders for their comment and input. 

Next week, the Department will begin field testing Body-Worn Cameras starting for a period of 60 days.  During this testing phase, the Department will determine if a system will meet the needs of the Department and the community.  The Department will deploy approximately 30 Body-Worn Cameras throughout the agency. Once testing is complete, the results will be reviewed and evaluated by the Department and internal stakeholders, and presented to the Board of County Supervisors for its consideration and direction.

The Police Department remains committed to protecting our citizens' constitutional and legal rights, while impartially enforcing the law. The use of the Body-Worn Camera is intended to enhance public trust by documenting law enforcement contacts with the public while promoting accountability, transparency, and professionalism.  This Department is continuously seeking ways to improve how we serve the community while strengthening the mutual trust and respect.

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