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1. HOURS:  Official academy hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy (NVCJA) and the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy (FCCJA). The hours of operation for Prince William County Criminal Justice Academy (PWCCJA) are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On occasion certain previously specified classes may be conducted during a different time period or at different training sites. Changes to either hours or locations will be publicized. All students and instructors are expected to be on time. In case of an emergency or inclement weather which necessitates closing the academy call the main Academy numbers as listed below:

NVCJA -  703-729-4299
FCCJA -  703-449-7200
PWCCJA -  703-792-6599

As agreed upon in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Academies all registrations for classes will be conducted through the agencies' primary Academy In-Service Staff.

2. CONDUCT: Students will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Racist sexist lewd or lascivious conduct will not be tolerated at any time. Actions statements or behavior of a distasteful or insubordinate nature toward any instructor Academy staff member or consultant will not be tolerated. Improper conduct may result in expulsion from class. The dismissed student will not be readmitted without a request from his or her respective agency.

3. DRESS AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE: Academy training is a duty assignment; therefore all students are expected to adhere to Academy policy as they would their departmental policy pertaining to grooming and appearance. Unless otherwise noted the dress code for students attending In-Service training is casual attire. Jeans are permitted if clean and free of holes and patches. Attire such as bib overalls painter's pants and tank tops are considered inappropriate and are not allowed. Shorts or hats are not permitted unless specifically required (such as PT gear or headgear for range activities). Badge/Identification is required to be displayed at each Academy.

4. ABSENCE FROM CLASS: If it is necessary for a student to miss any portion of a class (i.e. court sick family emergency etc.) the student must sign out with the In-Service Staff or Training Coordinator. Upon returning the student must sign back in. Absences from class will prevent certification with the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Each hour missed is deducted from the overall course total and all missed time must be made up. Training Officers will be notified of missed time and should coordinate with the Academy to schedule make-up dates (if appropriate).

5. CLASS CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULING A CLASS: Should a class need to be canceled or rescheduled all registered students will be contacted by e-mail if time allows or by telephone if the change is within three (3) days of the class start date. These students will be given priority when enrolling for the new class date if they are able to attend. In the case of students from agencies outside Prince William County the training coordinator for that agency will be contacted about the class cancellation or date change and that individual will contact the students from his or her agency. 



1. EATING: Eating food in any classroom is discouraged unless authorized on a case-by-case basis. Cups with lids are recommended for use in the classrooms. Students are encouraged to eat or drink in the cafeteria area.

2. FIREARMS: Firearms are not allowed in any of the Academy buildings. If a firearm is going to be used as an instructional aid the appropriate In-Service Course Coordinator will be notified before the firearm is brought to a class. The firearm must be unloaded and in a secure container. The course coordinator or the In-Service Supervisor will inspect the firearm before it is taken into any classroom. A course instructor may inspect a firearm if the instructor is a certified firearms instructor. All weapons shall be secured by the owner before entering any Academy building or left in a gun safe in the In-Service offices. 

3. SMOKING: All Academies are totally smoke-free facilities. Smoking or use of any tobacco product (i.e. cigarettes pipes chewing tobacco snuff etc.) at any place inside any of the Academy buildings IS PROHIBITED. Students may smoke ONLY in the designated outdoor smoking areas. Those personnel who smoke must refrain from littering the grounds with cigarette butts or other non-biodegradable materials. Receptacles for trash and cigarette materials are provided in these areas for this purpose.

4. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: All alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the Academy's grounds at all times. When alcohol is to be used in an In-Service course the appropriate course coordinator shall be cognizant of this fact and monitor such activity. Students are also prohibited from consuming alcohol on or off Academy premises during Academy hours or at any time they are present in a student capacity.

5. MISCELLANEOUS: Reading of outside reading material (i.e. newspapers magazines etc.) not associated with the training being conducted is prohibited in the classroom at any time while the class is in session. ALL PAGERS AND CELL PHONES SHOULD BE IN A SETTING THAT THEIR ACTIVATION WILL NOT DISRUPT CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES AND LECTURES.



1. VEHICLE PARKING: Student parking is available at all Main parking lots. Student parking in spaces reserved for staff and visitors is prohibited.

2. STUDENT MESSAGES: Only EMERGENCY messages will be hand delivered. Other messages will be either posted on the classroom door or located in the appropriate student annex.

3. USE OF THE TELEPHONE: Telephones located in the appropriate areas are for local phone calls. To place a long distance call the caller must either use a credit card or call collect. For official business calls use of the telephone in the administrative areas is permitted.

4. COURSE EVALUATIONS: Academy evaluation forms are mandated by DCJS and must be completed by each student and collected at the end of the course.

5. STUDENT ACTIVITIES:  Students attending In-Service shall not interrupt any Basic Training Activities including Practicals DT PT or Lectures.


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