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Concealed Weapon Information
Virginia residents are allowed to carry concealed firearms with a concealed weapons permit. Click on the link to learn about the Concealed Handgun Permit Application Filing Process. If you have questions about the concealed weapons permit, or about the application filing process, please call the Circuit Court at 703-792-6015.  Wish to know what Virginia's firearms laws are? View a Summary of Virginia Firearms Laws.   With the privilege of carrying a concealed firearm in Virginia come certain responsibilities, especially when interacting with police officers.   What about knives (and other bladed weapons)? Section 18.2-308 of the State Code, and Section 31-1 of the County Code, prohibits a person from carrying concealed dirks, bowie knives, switchblade knives, razors, machetes, ballistic knives (knives with detachable blades that are propelled by a spring-operated mechanism), and a number of other weapons that are not firearms. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor to do so, and such weapon shall be forfeited to the County and may be seized by a police officer and forfeited. FOR THE SAFETY OF BOTH PARTIES, WE SUGGEST TAKING THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS IF YOU ARE STOPPED BY A POLICE OFFICER WHILE CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON:   Immediately advise the officer that you have a concealed firearm. Never touch or move towards the gun. Keep your hands in plain view and make no sudden moves. Obey all commands given by the officer. Make no attempt to produce identification until told to do so. Ask the officer to repeat any directions or questions that are unclear. Carry your concealed weapon permit on your person at all times when you are carrying a concealed handgun. You must also carry, and produce upon demand by a law enforcement officer, a photo ID issued by a government agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia or by the United States Department of Defense or the United States Department of State (passport).


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