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Air Guns Etc
Did you know that many Airsoft, BB and Pellet guns look real enough to fool adults?
If your child asks for an Airsoft gun, a BB gun or a pellet gun, will you grant permission? These types of guns sound safe but they shoot plastic BBs that can cause injury unless proper protective gear is worn. Children shoot these guns at each other, and games involving them are typically friend-to-friend skirmishes. Many of these guns look real enough to fool adults, including law enforcement officers. Used by unsupervised minors, these look-alike guns could prove fatal.
Parental Responsibilities:
  • Teach your child safe gun-handling rules and make sure they use them.
  • Make sure your child uses appropriate safety protective gear.
  • Keep these types of guns locked and available only with permission.
  • Provide an appropriate place to play games using these types of guns.
  • Supervise games -- watch your children playing with them.
  • Make sure the orange tip stays on the Airsoft gun.
  • Learn the local laws pertaining to air, BB, and pellet guns.

Kids' Responsibilities:
  • Always point these guns in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • Always remove the magazine and/or disconnect the battery until you are ready to use the gun.
  • When playing with air, BB or pellet guns, you and everyone around you must be wearing protective gear.
  • Don't assume the orange tip on certain types of air guns protects you -- most people do not know about them and they will assume they are real guns.
  • Always carry these guns inside a box or a bag.
  • Use these guns only in areas where it is not prohibited by law. Do NOT use them in public places such as schools, parks and playgrounds.
  • Make sure everyone who can see you with the this type of gun knows that you are playing a game and that it is an air, BB or pellet gun.
  • Respect other people's property. If a neighbor or nearby person asks you to stop playing with your guns, immediately stop and put your guns away.
  • If a law enforcement officer approaches you while you are using an one of these guns, immediately stop and follow his or her commands.
  • Treat all Airsoft, pellet and BB guns as if they are real guns.


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