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Nuisance Wildlife

Prince William County Animal Control


Animal Control does not respond to nuisance wildlife issues. Please contact the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries' Virginia Wildlife Conflict Hotline for assistance. Click here for more information.
Animal Control will not: 
  • Respond to complaints of nuisance wildlife.  Examples include groundhog in garden, opossum under deck, snake in flower bed, skunk under shed, raccoon in trash or tree, fox under bird feeder, etc.
  • Service privately-owned traps.
  • Loan County-owned traps to citizens.
  • Pick up deceased wildlife, except in the case of a potential rabies exposure (i.e. contact with animal’s saliva).
  • Respond to complaints of non-threatening wildlife in a residence (i.e. squirrel, chipmunk, bird, lizard, mouse, rat, bees, etc).
  • Respond to sightings or sounds in wooded areas of bear, bobcat or coyote
Animal Control will: 
  • Respond to complaints of sick or injured wildlife where the location is known and the animal has limited mobility.  Observation of an animal that is sparsely covered in fur or drooling as it is passing by does not fit the criteria.
  • Respond to complaints of wildlife inside a residence for rabies vector species:  raccoon, opossum, skunk, groundhog (woodchuck), fox, and bat. 
  • Respond to complaints of a snake inside a residence.
  • Respond to any complaint of a bite or scratch involving wildlife.
  • Set and service County-owned traps in cases where there is a health or safety concern, as determined by the investigating Animal Control Officer.
  • Refer citizens to critter control companies who have worked with the Shelter for nuisance animal and trapping needs.
  • Assist elderly or disabled citizens with limited resources.
  • Respond, along with a Police Officer, to bears, bobcats, or coyotes where public safety is a concern.
If you need assistance with nuisance wildlife, please contact a critter control company.  Below are some that currently work within Prince William County. Please note that this list does NOT constitute endorsement by Prince William County or Animal Control. 

ARK Trapping

Critter Control

Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution

Humane Wildlife Services

Wild Things - Professional Wildlife Management
  • 703-232-0857


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