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About the Shelter

PWC Animal Shelter PWC Animal Control PWC Animal Shelter PWC Animal Control PWC Animal Shelter

​The Animal Shelter opened in 1975 and is administered by the Prince William County Police Department. It houses abandoned, homeless, lost or stray animals -- mostly cats and dogs.

The Shelter is a public, open-admission shelter that takes in any animal in need in Prince William County, including animals that are too aggressive, injured or sick to be rehabilitated or treated for adoption. The Shelter receives and cares for more than 5,400 animals each year!

The goal of the Animal Shelter is to provide for the basic needs of animals in our care until they are reclaimed by owners, placed in new homes, or placed with another organization for adoption. The Shelter administers temperament tests to cats and dogs before they are put up for adoption to determine the adoptability. If their test results are positive, the Shelter staff determines the appropriate environment for the animal.

Shelter staff believe that every animal's life is worth trying to save. However, with aggressive and/or unhealthy or injured animals, sometimes the most humane decision is euthanasia. The Shelter does not euthanize animals for space, or after a set period of time.

To reduce the burden on the Shelter's limited resources, the Shelter works with the community to control the pet population, promote pet adoption, and improve the behavior and health of Shelter animals to make as many as is reasonably possible eligible for adoption.


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