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Divisions & Bureaus

Chief of Police 
Financial & Technical Services Division
Support Services Division
Operations Division
Criminal Investigations Division
Department Organization Chart


The Chief of Police, Colonel B.M. Barnard, is the commanding officer of the Department and, with the assistance of the Deputy Chief, he has the obligation to provide efficient and effective police service to the residents of Prince William County. The Chief is responsible for the planning and direction of all Department activities and is the final authority in all matters of policy operations and discipline. Falling within the Office of the Chief are the Public Information Office, the Internal Affairs Office, the Chaplain Program and the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team.

  • The Public Information Office, headed by Sergeant J.L. Perok, coordinates news releases to the media concerning Department activities and criminal incidents maintains the Department’s web site and social media presence, supervises the Crime Solvers program, and produces the Annual Report.
  • The Internal Affairs Office, headed by Captain B.W. Simms, investigates allegations of misconduct by Department personnel and all use-of-force incidents.
  • The Chaplain Program, headed by First Sergeant T.D. Van Horn, assists police officers in making notifications to families, assists those families as needed, and also assists police officers as needed.
  • The CISM Team, headed by Major D.M. Harman, helps emergency services workers handle stress after critical incidents.

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The Financial and Technical Services Division is headed by Senior Administrative Manager T.J. Pulaski. Falling within the Financial and Technical Services Division are the Fiscal and Policy Management Bureau and the Information Technology Management Bureau.

  • The Fiscal and Policy Management Bureau is headed by Administrative Analyst A.F. Sargent.
  • The Information Technology Management Bureau is headed by Lieutenant J.C. Elahi.
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The Support Services Division, headed by Major K.L Hughart, provides support services to the Office of the Chief, the Financial & Technical Services Division, the Operations Division and the Criminal Investigations Division. Falling within the Support Services Division are the Administrative Services Bureau, the Personnel Bureau, the Animal Control Bureau, the Criminal Justice Academy, and Public Safety Communications (which is jointly administered by the Police Department and the Department of Fire & Rescue).

  • The Administrative Services Bureau, headed by Captain J.L. Carr, handles all evidence and property coming into the possession of the Department, Records, Licensing, and Fleet Management, among other areas.
  • The Personnel Bureau, headed by Lieutenant E.J. Barnhart, is responsible for the recruiting, processing, and selection of applicants to the Department, coordination of police volunteers and the career development program, Department physical examinations, and supervision of the polygraph function.
  • The Animal Control Bureau, headed by Captain A.E. Miller, enforces animal welfare laws, conducts animal education seminars, houses stray and unwanted animals in a clean and safe environment, and coordinates the adoption of housed animals. 
  • The Criminal Justice Academy, headed by Captain W.M. Cox, Sr., conducts all basic and in-service training for police officer candidates and police officers, as well as leadership training for Police Department personnel. It also coordinates citizen training such as the Citizen Police Academy.
  • Public Safety Communications, headed by Captain H.B. Braun, is responsible for all aspects of communication for public safety employees, including 9-1-1.

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The Operations Division, headed by Major D.M. Harman, is responsible for maintaining police officers in constant operational readiness for immediate response to any call for service requiring police presence. Nearly two-thirds of the Department’s personnel are assigned to the Operations Division, which includes the Patrol Services Bureau, the Special Operations Bureau, Evening Operations, the Animal Control Bureau, and the Crossing Guard Bureau.

  • The Patrol Services Bureau provides 24-hour patrol officer coverage throughout the County. Patrol officers are generally the first response to any type of police call for service and are prepared to respond to any emergency. The Bureau is divided into an Eastern District (eastern Prince William County), headed by Captain S.A. Vago; a Western District (western Prince William County), headed by Captain S.A. Hrubes; and Evening Operations, headed by Captain J.L. Phelps.
  • The Special Operations Bureau, headed by Captain P.J. Cecere, manages the activities of the Department’s specialized operational units which include the Crash Investigation Unit, K-9 Unit, Traffic Unit, the Crime Prevention Unit, the Tactical Training & Response Unit, Mounted Patrol Unit, Search & Rescue Team, the Honor Guard team, the SWAT Team, the Underwater Search & Recovery Team, the Civil Disturbance Team, the Marine Unit and the Auxiliary Police Unit.
  • The Crossing Guard Bureau, headed by Lieutenant A.M. Snyder, is responsible for traffic direction at school crossings and parking enforcement.

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The Criminal Investigations Division, headed by Major S.J. Thompson, with the assistance of Deputy Division Commander Captain T.S. McInteer, investigates major criminal offenses and manages the Department's juvenile education programs. Falling within the Criminal Investigations Division is the Special Investigations Bureau, the Violent Crimes Bureau, the Youth Services Bureau, the Special Victims Bureau, and the Property Crimes Bureau..

  • The Special Investigations Bureau headed by Lieutenant B.R. Dudley, investigates drugs, gambling, prostitution and gang-related crimes. The Bureau is also a member of a regional narcotics task force working on major drug conspiracy cases that affect Prince William County and surrounding areas.
  • The Violent Crimes Bureau, headed by Lieutenant L.C. Black, investigates major offenses against persons such as robbery, rape, homicide, aggravated assaults, Identity Fraud crimes, and Homeland Security investigations.
  • The Youth Services Bureau, headed by Lieutenant D.L. Burghart, oversees the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program for the department. This bureau is one of the largest in CID, assigning sworn resource officers to all County middle and high schools.
  • The Special Victims Bureau, headed by Lieutenant J.J. Poirier, investigates offenses committed by or against juveniles, as well as domestic violence complaints. 
  • The Property Crimes Bureau, headed by Lieutenant C.S. Lawhead, investigates major offenses against property such as burglary, larcenies, and motor vehicle theft.

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