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Pedestrian Safety

The Prince William County Police Department takes pedestrian safety seriously and offers the following safety tips:

For everyone:

  • Walk facing traffic.

  • Cross at intersections and/or crosswalks. Use marked intersections and crosswalks wherever possible.

  • Wear light-colored clothing and carry a flashlight while walking in bad weather, or after dark. Another alternative is to affix reflective tape to clothing or accessories, such as a backpack, so that you can be seen in low-light situations.

  • Before crossing look left, right, then left again. Also do not assume that traffic will stop for you.

  • Watch out for trucks and buses turning at intersections or backing out of parking spaces and driveways. Larger vehicles need more room to maneuver and the drivers may not see you.

  • If you have to run to beat oncoming cars you do not have enough time to cross the roadway safely.

  • Do not permit children to cross busy roadways without adult supervision.

  • When walking with small children keep yourself between them and the roadway.

For children:

  • Use sidewalks or paths. If there are none, walk as far away from the cars and trucks as possible on the side of the street where you are facing the traffic.

  • Watch for vehicles turning or pulling out of driveways. Stop at a driveway and make sure a vehicle is not moving in, or out, of the driveway before you cross. Never play in a driveway because the driver may not realize you are there.

  • If you are walking choose a route with the fewest streets to cross. Avoid crossing busy or high-speed streets.

  • Help drivers see you by wearing bright clothing in the daytime. When there is little or no light, wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight.

  • Always look out for vehicles. Drivers are supposed to obey the rules but you should not count on them to always do so.

For more information contact the Traffic Unit at 703-792-7254.




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