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Mounted Patrol Unit




Want to know what it's like to be a member of the Mounted Patrol Unit? Click
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about the Unit!

The Mounted Patrol Unit provides specialized services in the areas of search and rescue, crime prevention and crowd control. The Unit was formed with the goal of bringing residents and police together to keep our communities safe. Seizure funds taken from the assets of drug dealers enabled the Unit to purchase equipment, including uniforms, horse blankets and a horse trailer.

The Department entered into a unique agreement with the Manassas National Battlefield Park that allows Mounted Patrol officers to use the Manassas National Battlefield Park's horses and equipment on an as-needed basis. The horses are stabled at the Manassas Battlefield Park and remain the property of the U.S. Park Service.

The Unit is used for initiatives including crime prevention, directed patrol, public relations, ceremonies, and search-and-rescue missions. Members also patrol major shopping centers, commuter parking lots, events at live entertainment venues, the County Fair, and various local parades.

Riders are:

  • First Sergeant Susan Crosbie whose favorite horse to ride is Will.
  • First Sergeant Kim Chinn whose favorite horse to ride is Shiraz.
  • Sergeant Ashley Gwinn whose favorite horse to ride is Dudley.
  • Officer Jeremy Ramos whose favorite horses to ride is Sky.


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