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Daily Incident Reports

Daily Incident Report [Police Briefs]:

Below, you can read about the daily incidents that have been reported to the media. These reports are posted Monday through Friday, with the exception of major holidays. The Daily Incident Report does not include every incident reported to police or arrest. These reports note significant incidents and arrests which are of media interest. For more information on keeping yourself, your family, your business, or your personal property safe, visit the Crime Prevention & Education section from the menu bar on the left and select a topic.

*SPECIAL PRESS RELEASE: Glenda Marisol Coca-Romero Murder Investigation | Spanish Version

*SPECIAL PRESS RELEASE: Preliminary Findings Released in Officer Involved Shooting







September 4, 2015


​September 3, 2015


​September 2, 2015


​September 1, 2015


​August 31, 2015


August 28, 2015

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​August 27, 2015

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​August 26, 2015

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​August 25, 2015

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​August 24, 2015

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​August 21, 2015

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​August 20, 2015

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​August 19, 2015

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​August 18, 2015

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​August 17, 2015

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August 14, 2015

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​August 13, 2015

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​August 12, 2015

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​August 11. 2015

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​August 10, 2015

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   * indicates a correction and/or an update in the release.
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