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Temporary Activity Permit
Temporary Activities Permit
Temporary activities are only permitted in accordance with Sec. 32-210 of the Prince William County Zoning Ordinance. Temporary uses and activities, and activities of similar nature, may be administratively approved in any zoning district by the Zoning Administrator through issuance of a temporary activity permit.
The following temporary uses are allowed with a permit:
  1. Roadside stands for sales of seasonal goods;
  2. Carnivals, circuses, craft fairs, concerts (outdoor), flea markets and car shows;
  3. Outdoor meetings, tent revivals, business events, organization picnics;
  4. Professional golf tournaments, horse shows, and similar activities;
  5. On-premise promotional sales events at permanent retail stores.
Minimum Submission Requirements
The following items must be submitted to the Land Development Division for review at least 4 weeks prior to the temporary activity date:
    1. The Temporary Activity Permit Application with section related to the applicant fully completed.
    2. Notarized authorization from the property owner or agent stating the type of activity authorized and the dates of the activity, including availability of restrooms.
    3. If restroom facilities are not available on-site, submit notarized authorization from the adjacent property owners allowing employees and patrons to use restroom facilities, or a contract from a company providing portable sanitary facilities.
    4. For commercial sites, provide a copy of the approved site plan, survey plat or detailed (to scale) sketch of the site showing location of the proposed activity (must be at least 20 feet from all abutting streets), and the required number of off-street parking spaces allocated for the activity (parking must be at least 10 feet from all streets). 
    5. For residential sites, provide a house location survey plat showing the location of the proposed activity, and location of the off-street parking spaces allocated for the activity.
    6. Non-profit organizations must submit a copy of tax exempt status [i.e. copy of tax exempt certificate] to demonstrate bona fide nonprofit or not for profit status.
    7. Processing fee in cash, check (made payable to PWC), or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) in accordance with the current Fee Schedule.
    8. If a sign is proposed, submit a Temporary Sign Permit Application.
Temporary Activity Permitting Process
Roadside stands for sales of seasonal goods:
    1. Prior to submission of the application package to the Zoning Counters, applicants will meet with the review agencies listed on the Permit Review Status Sheet (attached to the Temporary Activity Permit Application), and obtain approval from the review agencies.
    2. Applicant will submit all required documents itemized on the checklist to the Zoning Counters at least 10 business days prior to the temporary activity date.
    3. Zoning staff reviews the request, and approves or denies the application within 10 business days from the submission date, and notifies the applicant.
    4. The applicant must come to the Zoning Counters in person to sign approved permit.
Other temporary activities:
    1. Applicant will submit all required documents itemized on the checklist to the Land Development Division at least 4 weeks prior to the temporary activity date.
    2. Land Development staff will schedule a meeting between the applicant and review agencies. Scheduled meetings are held at the Land Development Division every Tuesday, from 2 to 4:30 p.m.
    3. The applicant will attend the meeting, where the application will be reviewed and the review agencies will complete the Permit Review Status Sheet during the meeting. 
    4. If all the agencies approve the application, the Land Development Division will issue the permit within 1 week of the approval date.
    5. The applicant must come to the Land Development Division in person to sign approved permit.

For more information on Temporary Activity Permits, call 703-792-6830.


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