Zoning Text Amendments

A Zoning Text Amendment is formed by either a directive through one of the County Supervisors or through a proposition made by the Zoning Administrator. Once proposed, the case is brought forth to the Board of County Supervisors for initiation. After being initiated, the language is drafted and brought forth to the DCSM/Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee to review and ensure the impacts of modifying the Zoning Ordinance are considered in a deliberate and collaborative process. After being reviewed, the ZTA follows the procedures of being presented in front of the Planning Commission and, if recommended for approval, presented in front of the Board of County Supervisors. When the ZTA is adopted, the desired use is permitted, and is served for the general purpose of promoting the health, safety, order, prosperity, the conservation of natural and historic resources, and the general welfare of the public.

The following report contains text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance that are pending or have been adopted within the past year to the PWC Zoning Ordinance. 
Recently Adopted Zoning Text Amendments  (Available on Municode)
Zoning Text Amendment Date Adopted PWC Municode Link
Import Fill
Nov. 19, 2013

Section 32-301.04

Temporary Portable Signage

Dec. 3, 2013
Section 32-250.21
Section 32-250.22
Section 32-250.24

Parking & Loading Setbacks

​Feb. 11, 2014

Section 32-250.10

Storm Water Management​

March 11, 2014​​

Section 32-100​
Section 32-250
Section 32-504
Section 32-507

Recently Adopted Zoning Text Amendments

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors have adopted the following Zoning Text Amendments. All adopted amendments take effect immediately and have been incorporated into the PWC Zoning Ordinance. Changes in Municode can take approximately 4 months after approval. View the Board staff report by selecting the case number and view the adopting ordinance by selecting the ordinance number.

Zoning Text Amendment Date Adopted BOCS Ordinance PWC Municode Link
​Mandated Zoning Changes
April 15, 2014​
Yet to be published to Municode
​HCOD Changeable Copy Signs

April 15, 2014​

Ord. No. 14-18

Yet to be published to Municode

​Motor Vehicle Repair

​June 3, 2014

Ord. No. 14-29
​Yet to be published to Municode

​​M/T & M-2 District, Moving and Storage

July 15, 2014​

Ord. No. 14-44​

Yet to be published to Municod​e

​Apply Conditions to Family Day Home Permits

​August 5, 2014

Ord. No. 14-47

Yet to be published to Municod​e​
Limited/Craft Breweries and Distilleries

November 18, 2014​

Ord. No. 14-60

​Yet to be published to Municod​e​

Pet-Related Uses

December 16, 2014​ Ord. No. 14-65 ​Yet to be published to Municod​e​
​Board of Zoning Appeals Voting Requirements​
​December 16, 2014 Ord. No. 14-66 ​Yet to be published to Municod​e​


Zoning Text Amendments Under Review

The following Zoning Text Amendments have been initiated by the Board of County Supervisors and are scheduled to be reviewed before the DCSM/Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee, Planning Commission, and for final action before the Board of County Supervisors. For more information regarding the scheduled hearing dates, please refer to the Development Application Processing Schedule.

Storage Containers
2014 Mandated Zoning Changes
Temporary Signs Permits
Temporary Activity Permits 
Public/Institutional Shared Parking
Provide for the Production of Mead, Cider and Similar Beverages on A-1, Agriculture Properties


Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance consists of text and a map that classifies the land of Prince William County into zoning districts. The link below will take you to the Municode section for Prince William County. Navigate to Chapter 32 for the Zoning Ordinance of Prince William County.

If you have any questions on the Zoning Text Amendments, please call Zoning Administration at (703)792-7615 or email planning@pwcgov.org