Maps and Publications of the Planning Office  
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2008 Comprehensive Plan Maps
Zoning Maps
       Cultural Resources Chapter
       Environment Chapter
·         Highly Erodible Soils 
·         Highly Permeable Soils
       Long Range Land Use Chapter
·         Long Range Land Use 
     Parks, Open Space and Trails Chapter
·         Open Space and Corridors
·         Trails 
       Potable Water Chapter
       Sanitary Sewer Chapter
       Telecommunications Chapter
       Transportation Chapter
·         2030 Transit Improvements 
·         Thoroughfare Plan 
·         Future Transit Alternatives
     Zoning Districts
·         Zoning Districts 
·         Zoning Districts (1"=3000')
     Zoning Overlay District Maps
·         Airport Safety (36x36)
·         Domestic Fowl
·         Highway Corridor
·         Historic - Buckland (8.5x11)
·         Redevelopment - Triangle (11x17) 
·         Technology (36x36)
Planning Office Publications
·         Build-Out Analysis web page
Other Map Products
·         African-American Heritage (purchase in Planning Office)

Small format maps for the Comprehensive Plan can be viewed by visiting the Comprehensive Plan web page and viewing the individual chapter of the plan.

Maps are produced at a scale of 1" = 5280' unless otherwise noted and are plotted at either 30"x36" or 36"x36". Maps at a scale of 1" = 3000' include parcels and are plotted at 36"x66". Maps can be purchased in the GIS OfficeComplete Prince William County Map List.

For the most current information on a particular parcel use the County Mapper XM application.
For demographic information contact the County Demographer at or 703-792-5512.
Contact the Planning Office at or 703-792-7615 with comments or suggestions.