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Small Area Plan: North Woodbridge


Over the years, many studies and plans have been created for North Woodbridge, the small area plan offers an opportunity to revisit and synthesize those plans by analyzing the existing plans and studies, and consolidating them into a small area plan with a single vision and implementation plan with actionable steps toward redevelopment and revitalization.

Project Methodology

The Small Area Plan process consists of the following tasks:

Task 1: Conduct Background Research
  • Review existing documents, studies and reports, Comprehensive Plan elements, and the Zoning Ordinance, including:
  • Conduct site analysis including site visits and constraints identification and mapping

Task 2: Hold Preliminary Stakeholder Meetings

  • Meet with County agencies, external agencies, and other stakeholders to collect additional background information
  • Links to notes from stakeholder meetings:

Task 3: Hold a Public Town Hall Meeting

  • Introduce the small area plan project
  • Execute a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) exercise, for the development of the vision, goals, objectives, and design guidelines

Task 4: Hold a Visioning and Design Charrette

  • Introduce the project and charrette process
  • Conduct an exercise exploring the site analysis of existing conditions including assets and liabilities in the study area
  • Conduct a visioning exercise: vision statement, goals, and objectives
  • Draft plan alternatives (ideally 2-3 alternatives)
  • Draft preferred illustrative plan
  • Create an implementation plan with specific action strategies and timeframe

Task 5: Draft Document

  • Staff will draft the plan based on the findings of the background research, stakeholder meetings, town hall meeting, and charrette with particular emphasis on:
    • Strategic plan implementation
    • Design guidelines
    • Economic development analysis
    • Implementation and phasing plan

Task 6: Hold a PC Work Session

  • Present a project draft and provide opportunity for review and comments from the public and the Planning Commission

Task 7: Public Hearing Process

  • Planning Commission Hearing
  • Board of County Supervisors Hearing

Benefit to Prince William County

This plan is intended to implement specific actions for making North Woodbridge into a mixed-use, multi-modal community. This plan will have the opportunity to address the Prince William County Strategic Plan goals and identifying necessary improvements to the multi-modal transportation network.

Questions or Comments

This page will be updated when meeting dates are scheduled or additional information is available. Questions, comments, or concerns may be submitted to the Planning Office at 703-792-7615, through the comment form, or email to Ryan Foster, Community Development Manager, at


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